Wow, well what can I say it’s certainly a different interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet than I was expecting.

Set in a Verona Institute which is all white tiled walls , very clinical and with the obligatory balcony running across the top of the wall you know this is not going to be one ordinary story of love and tragedy.

In the first scene we actually get to see the end before we get to see the beginning.

Next we get to meet Tybalt the guard a particularly menacing character all the way through the evening played extremely well by Dan Wright.

Tybalt keeps all the inmates in check in his own brutal and punishing way which unfortunately for Juliet ( Cordelia Braithwaite) with whom he has a dangerous fondness for this makes life more difficult than most.

Romeo ( Paris Fitzpatrick) is introduced to us with his parents bringing him to the institute, as politicians they are embarrassed by their fragile sons odd twitchings and Romeo soon finds himself in his regulation white outfit.

Romeo and Juliet meet at a dance held for the inmates organised by the very kind Rev.Bernadette Laurence ( Daisy May Kemp ) Here at the dance Romeo and Juliet share their first passionate and one amazingly long and beautifully choreographed kiss , their love and fate is sealed.

As we all know though and you will see the course of true love never runs smoothly.

So I know I have perhaps made this all sound rather sweet but trust me it’s not especially when you add shocking scenes of drug induced inmates, violence, cavorting and rape, there was never going to be a happy ending.

Personally for me there were a few moments to smile at but overall I found it very moving and at times upsetting however nevertheless it really was brilliant.

Without a word being spoken the cast of dancers were incredible many of them quite young and six of them I believe were local and the perfectly timed dramatic music the story was portrayed amazingly well.

Would I see another Matthew Bourne production ? Most definitely.

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