Im a big Abba fan so I was really looking forward to watching Mamma Mia on stage. When I sat down the i noticed that on stage was what looked like a little Greek house and i thought ‘If this was the the scenery than I wont think too much of the show’. 

Then the show started at first I was still a bit dishearten by the performance, Lucy May Barker who played Sophie Sheridan looked like she was putting in feeling but this did not come out in her singing it reminded of a children tv presenter.

As the show went on we were introduced to a small amount of characters including Sophie mother Donna Sheridan played by Sara Poyzer bring some amazing talent to the production which at one point making me cry and all I could think was Meryl Streep eat out heart out.

Another well cast character also included Jacqueline Braun and Emma Clifford who played Donna’s best friend and old band members and the 3 well cast ‘Dads’ made this such a joy to watch.

Right to the end these characters held there own and made it so enjoyable. Even with the technical problems which made the seconded half late “I absolutely loved it.”

Review by guest editor Bethany Paine