The west-end smash stops it’s magical tour bus at Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall, all aboard for the ‘Ticket to Ride‘ a celebration of the music of The Beatles.

Everyone took to their seats and we were all taken on a journey back in time to were it all began, The Carvern Liverpool. No smart suits or background colours or props it was about the rough earthy sounds which echoed in the dark and sweaty underground, personally it really felt like I was really there watching the fab 4, the vocals and live instruments gave it the feel that this was ‘something’ special and I was there witnessing their story unfold.

With a full set list of songs which the die-hard Beatles fans would enjoy as well as people that just enjoy great music, this show has it all, great costume designs going through the ages from the beginning to ‘The End’, as would be expecting the show was also visually impressive with two screens above the stage giving us that concert like feel as well as using those plus a massive screen behind the band for the cartoon like animations.

The lighting also worked well with every song especially ‘Come Together’ as the lighting changing with the words sung and there was enough smoke pumped out of the smoke machines to get us high as Lucy in the sky with Dimonds.

I totally enjoyed the whole show from start to finish, the guys were cheeky getting into their characters as well as being professional artists, interacting with the audience and it wasn’t difficult for them to get everyone onto their feet singing and dancing along to all the hits, as I looked around everyone of all ages had smiles on their faces and signing their hearts out or just tapping their feet and clapping their hands, everyone had a amazing time.

As mentioned previously the performance plays over the different stages of The Beatles career, with the costume and background stage changes being made seamlessly but the production team and crew, allowing the audience to enjoy video footage of previous crowds at Beatles concerts screaming or Beatles like tv music video animations, just to keep us entertained.

Everyone has a favourite or special Beatles song to their heart, whether it be the first time you heard them breaking through the air waves or their last song together as a band, Let It Be really lets you experience a major part in musically history and I personally recommend you go see this show while you can as you won’t be disapointed.

While my guitar gently weeps‘ sounded fantastic with the guitar solo, plus the stripped back unplugged style of ‘Blackbird‘ and ‘Yesterday‘ and the great harmonies of songs like ‘Can’t buy me love’  and ‘Day Tripper’ but if I was to choose only one song of the night that I enjoyed listening to the must it has to be ‘Eleanor Rigby’ , it just had it all it sounded incredible and makes me want to put on my over sized CD (vinyl record) on now to listen to it.

Performers tonight (06/07/2016) were:

Emanuelle Angeletti, Reuven Gershon, Paul Mannion and Luke Roberts

A ‘Healter Shelter’ magical journey we’re all invited