It’s that time again to ‘Twist and Shout’ and travel back to sixties as the hit musical ‘Let it Be’ rocks into town.

Be part of the iconic music of The Beatles from the early days to making a name for themselves in Liverpool and Beatlemania to ‘Jet’ setting off to conquer America.

The audience of the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham had their ‘Ticket to Ride’ and got to relive a huge set list of songs from The Beatles back catalogue, having seen previous productions of Let It Be I was looking forward to see the new added section to the production which was a reunion concert, what if this concert was to happen? How would it work? Well I can safely say that how they did the reunion concert worked and this is how I could personally ‘Imagine’ a reunion concert to be.

The cast includes Michael Gagliano (John Lennon), Emanuele Angeletti (Paul McCartney), John Brosnan (George Harrison) and Ben Cullingworth (Ringo Starr), the four were also joined by musical director Michael Bramwell on keyboards.

All the great songs that we all love and remember and even some treats for the die-hard fans with more obscure The Beatles and solo songs.

Personally I thought the first half of the production felt a bit rushed, however saying that there were more breaks and costume changes that they managed to fit in, this didn’t go seamlessly each time as more than once a member of the crew was still on stage adjusting the mics/or costumes of the staff whilst the curtain opened, also a more worrying thing at the very beginning was the curtain opened and hit both televisions which was hanging from the ceiling, whilst made me feel a little uneasy being where I was sat.

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Even though how it sounded like I didn’t enjoy the first half of the production ‘Act 1’ that much, the list of hits that were played were outstanding and being performed live as well, the audience didn’t seem to get involved that much in the first half and people seemed a bit wary about getting their phones out to record and take photos even though before the production started you were encouraged to.

Then came the 2nd half ‘Act 2’ of the production, even though it didn’t start off with a bang, starting off with a lesser known song from the Abby Road album called ‘Because’, to get everyone in the mood for what was to come with some great three-part vocal harmonies.

After that the crowd were more engaged and the cast seemed more relaxed and pumped up to put on a show, it was good how each of the cast got to do solo songs and the interaction between the cast and with the audience was funny at times.

The production was ‘Getting Better’ and it was a bold move adding a reunion style concert, everyone seemed to enjoy it and for most of the time were on their feet singing and dancing along, and it was great to hear some of the lesser known songs being performed live on stage.

If you are a fan of The Beatles, then you must see Let It Be! Seeing a reunion concert that never was incredible, if you’re not a fan of The Beatles but enjoy great feel good music and having a fun evening then get yourself a ticket as its only here till Saturday as after that the ‘Band on the Run’.

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