Who doesn’t love a kitsch, light-hearted comedy? Combine that with some singing, dancing and a theatre stage and you have Legally Blonde the Musical!

The Nottingham stop featured X-factor finalist and Eurovision performer Lucie Jones as the ditzy but delightful Elle Woods. Elle is not your typical Harvard law student, but chasing her man, and her dreams, she leaves the days of college popularity behind and enrols to study law alongside her true love – Warner Huntington the third (Liam Doyle). Hoping to prove how serious she can be as a girlfriend after Warner tells her he “wants a Jackie not a Marilyn”, Elle studies hard, whilst also trying to win the respect of her classmates, including Warner’s new hard-faced girlfriend Vivienne Kensington (Laura Harrison).

Vivienne is mean to Elle and strives to make her look ridiculous in front of everyone, Elle more often than not styles it out. Elle’s new friend Paulette Belafonté (Rita Simmons), a hair stylist with her own unique style and outlook, convinces Elle not to give up her studies and she should show them what she is made of.

Elle also has to prove she has more to her than her beauty when her sleazy lecturer, Professor Callahan (Bill Ward) hits on her. When Elle refuses his advances he almost ruins her dreams of being a lawyer, but her close friend Emmett Forrest (David Barrett) helps her see she is more than just a blonde girl who’s favourite colour is pink. In her unique way, she storms her day in court and proves to everyone that she can be a good lawyer, even with a pretty face and blonde hair, even Vivienne feels the girl power in the end.

Packed full of bright costumes, funky songs, camp dance routines (bend and snap anyone?!) and the cutest dogs ever…! Legally Blonde will have you dancing in your seat, smiling until it aches and laughing at the camp as Christmas atmosphere. The singing voices of the cast were amazing, Rita Simmons astounded me, I didn’t know she had that wonderful voice having only seen the acting side. Of course Lucie Jones singing was beautiful and when she got in to her stride, so was her comedy acting, she made it larger than life and I am sure she did a bit of improvisation that raised a few giggles from the cast.

Even if you haven’t seen the film, the stage show is definitely worth going to see. It is a perfect pink production!


More info here – https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/legally-blonde/