David Hasselhoff stars in the musical, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life. From the makers of Dreamboats and Petticoats and Boogie.

A DJ dad, a wild child daughter and a trip to the party island of Ibiza with a pulsating dance track from the ’80s and ’90s.
Party-going DJ and night club owner in Ibiza. His teenage daughter arrives to stay for the summer and he has to cope with being a single parent to a girl who just wants to meet boys and live the party life. Suddenly his motto becomes “Doing as I say, not as I did!”

The Play its self was very light hearted but the story line was weak. There were plenty of laughs throughout.

I myself find it rather humorous although you could see some of the audience cringing at times.

IMG_5990.JPGI was pleasantly surprised with David voice and but un fortunately he was unable to move around stage very much as he had a bad ankle from what I could gather.

The performance overall was enjoyable but I wouldn’t return. It matches my sense of humour but it’s very cheesy and seems quite low budget saying that it does have some large stars within.

Overall I would rate this 6/10.

ItsMuchMore.com Guest Reviewer Libby Moisey