Humanity is in need of some cleaners, and those cleaners just happen to come with some big ass guns
After an experiment by a biotech company called Horzine goes incrediabily wrong resulting in Europe becoming invested with hordes of, not so typical zombie like monsters, your mission is simple, strap on your weapon and sort this mess out. As a complete noob to this game I had no expectations so I came in with fresh eyes, eager to see what this game had to offer.

Killing Floor 2 follows a very simple, yet effiective loop, you and up to five friends can choose either 3, 7 or 10 hordes of zeds (gentically engineered zombie/mosters) to tackle and wipe out. Each time these hordes become increasingly more difficult and badass to defeat. We start off simple, a bunch of dead eyed zombie like creatures called Clots stagging towards you, these are easily wiped out with a quick shot to the head, but this is only the beginning, as the minutes in the game tick by we start to see harder, quicker and bigger monsters trying to corner you, mess you up and wipe you out.


I particually enjoyed the slow time feature of the game, this really shows the bloodsplatter of the head exploding into a thousand pieces. I would recommend for at least one round of the game, staying in some type of tunnel, small or confined space you can find with your team mates, each watching each others back, I say this purely so you can really apprieate the complete carnage that will follow. I did this with my team mates on a number of occassions and the blood, gore and choas that desended on us made for a heart racing round. Don’t forget too the more zeds you kill, the more money you get for bigger and better weapons so when it’s time to defeat the boss you will have some awesome weapons to help. I personally recommend the granade gun, damn that is fun to use!

If you’re more of a solitary player, you do get the option to play alone, I however, did find playing alone was a bit mundane and repetitive. Plus I really enjoyed the aspect of other players throwing money at me so I could get bigger and better weapons (yes this happened on a number of ocassions but hey give me your money, I’m not complaining).
Depending on the perk you choose at the start of the game, depends on how you react towards certain enemies, certain perks help when defeating certain enemies so working as part of a team really helps, as generally speaking you will have a bunch of different skills in your team.

There are ten perks to choose from: Berserker, Commando, Demolitionist, Field Medic, Firebug, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, Support, Survivalist, and S.W.A.T. I personally liked the souns of S.W.A.T so that’s what I choose to be. As you level up on your chosen field, the zeds also get tougher, this helps keep the game fresh and interesting.

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Once you have wiped out all the zeds in your chosen horde (3,7 or 10) then it’s boss time. Now you may think boss time means just one super hard mofo to wipe out but no, you’ve got this big ass to tackle but watch your back because hordes upon hordes of enemies will still be trying to crawl all over you, this is when your team really pulls together, you’ll be busy trying to kill the boss and bam! your team mate shoots the zed that was clawing at your back. The only problem I had with defeating the boss was the lack of variety, the first few times you have a boss to defeat is exciting and sometimes pretty hard (depending on your team mates), but once you’ve played through the game a few times and you keep seeing the same two bosses crop up over and over again you can start to become slightly bored of this lack of variety.

I would say with Killing Floor 2 that it may not be one of those games that you continuous come back to each day, purely for the fact that it’s format is very simple. I think if you’re looking to co-op with a bunch of friends or even strangers and you fancy just shooting up horde after horde of enemies then this maybe your shot of whiskey, however if you’re looking for a more complexed story-line then you may want to continue your search.


Killing Floor sold to me exactly what it says on the tin.

Not exactly the most complex and deepest of storylines but hey it’s shooting monsters and that’s fun and satisfying to play, especially in co-op mode.
3/5 stars


  • Fun to play co-op
  • Some pretty badass weapons, great range.
  • Great slow time features


  • Mundane playing alone
  • Bit repetitive after a while
  • Lack of boss variety


Review by Samantha Watkins