Having known the songs from TV, Film and other media, but never actually making it to the theatre to see the full glory, how does a 50 year old musical stack up in today’s modern world of entertainment?
More Than pretty well!!

Based on the Bibles Book of Genesis, ‘’Coat of Many Colours“, Joseph the favourite Twelve Son’s of Jacob tells the tale of how the jealous eleven brothers fed up with Joseph’s Dreams of a superior life and Colourful Coat Wearing attitude sell him into Egyptian slavery .

Filling the the boots of Jason Donovan, Donny Osmond, Darren Day,

Philip Schofield (yes, the Philip Schofield!) and a host of X Factor, boy band, pop star soap actor/singers was the 2012 X Factors 4th placed Boy Band Union J ‘s Jaymi Hensley, er!!

Misgivings aside, from the first Dream a Dream this lad can sing and command an audience!

Supported by the Musicals Narrator, Alexander Dora singing superbly in her professional debut, Joseph and his almost Pantomime Performing Brothers sing , dance and costume change their way from Old Canaan to the court of Pharaoh – the  Incredible Scene Stealing Jump Suit Wearing, Full On, Elvis Presley in Las Vegas Mode “Pharaoh“.wow two shows in one !

Joseph / Jaymi finds favour with the Elvis Pharaoh by interpreting his Dreams and guides the Egyptians through tough times  ,  eventually the 12 brothers are reunited with the realisation that blood is thicker than water. Joseph and his grieving Father Jacob come together at the quite emotional finale with singing ,dancing and celebrations all around.

Lovely touch from Jaymi at the end and before the encore songs regards one of the poorly audience members from earlier , nice fella and a quality performer who may go on to the Michael Ball level of reverence if opportunities present themselves.

The injection of the ‘genuine talents‘ of the next generations of Jaymi, Pop Star, Superstar X Factor whatever’s will ensure the Rice, Lloyd Webber Joseph Musical will run and run, fifty years young. A great evening!

For more information and to buy tickets visit – https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/joseph-the-amazing-tech-2019/

Photo Credit – Pamela Raith Photography