Four Guys, four incredible stories, Oh What a Night… it was!

The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham was the place to be as, Jersey Boys The Musical was in town.
Jersey Boys tells the Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons with their offstage lives of these four ordinary men who became a remarkable pop group and part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame however the stories told are far from the slicked back hair and classy red jackets that everyone saw on stage.

Crime, Romance, stardom and everything in-between that was pretty much mostly the work of Tommy DeVito (Simon Bailey), who was the founder of the original band that had various different names until Tommy discovered Frankie Castelluccio (Dayle Hodge) after hearing his voice, he wanted Frankie to join the band, Frankie changed his name to Frankie Valli, which had a ‘i’ instead of a ‘y’ which gave it a more Italian American roots.

The band was starting to really form with a real vocalist and Frankie Valli on board and soon after ‘one hit wonder’ the teen writer Bob Galdio (Declan Egan) of the hit “Short Shorts” joins, with a full list of conditions which had to be agreed for him to join, whilst doing so the hits just kept coming “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, “Sherry and “Walk Like a Man”, it seemed that Tommy DeVito was set to enjoy the newly formed success but the journey wasn’t as easy and will friendships be torn apart to achieve the success? Why not see for yourself by getting yourself one of the hottest tickets in town and see Jersey Boys.

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With a vast amount of songs that have been played over the years, in films, commercials or over the radio-waves it didn’t take long for feet to be tapping and hand clapping to the catchy chart topping tunes.
With four stories to be told it did feel a little confusing jumping from one to another, that being said the songs were performed live and the audience enjoyed them, even receiving a standing ovation for the performance at the end of the night.

The stage design was just a metal structure so it wasn’t too fancy, however different colored lighting would be beamed onto this to get the mood of the scene.

The production was different to the one I previously saw at the West End, which isn’t unusual as this does happen from time to time when touring, but I do remember big parts of the production seemed to be missed or not on the big scale that they were in London, such as the death of Nick Massi (Played by Lewis Griffiths) seemed to be glazed over.

The Good
– The Songs we all know and remembered, being performed live on stage
– Dayle Hodge singing ‘My Eyes Adore You’
– The Reprise of songs is also good to hear
– I liked how the costume changes were seemless
– There wasn’t distracting noise backstage

The Bad
– The audio when the cast wasn’t singing was quiet and seemed to echo round the concert hall.
– Getting blinded by lighting which took place during a live performance (everyone was shielding their eyes so that could of been a bit dimmer)
– There was a big screen used on the stage behind the cast, this one of the most cringe moments of the whole performance, basically the video clips shown on the big screen where to pretend a film crew were filming and to broadcast the pop group. The video clips were out of sync with the audio – it looked awful and I just couldn’t watch it, with mouth movements and dance moves being a few moments out of sync just spoilt the routine.

I did enjoy the solo vocals and group harmony’s the whole cast beautifully showcased, so if you enjoy musicals like Mamma Mia and Rock of Ages to name a few you will enjoy the story being told here as the mix of story telling and live music performance is balanced quite nicely.

The story telling is remarkable and the music is very much enjoyable – so it’s win win…. ‘Oh, What a Night’ it was.