After my first experience of going to watch the Beeston Musical Theatre Group at the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton, I was really looking forward to seeing their new production of Jekyll and Hyde the Musical.

Walking in and seeing a set up of a ‘dead body’ covered with a white sheet I felt a bit anxious, I don’t cope well with scary things, I thought I was in for a gruesome night. The story of Dr Henry Jekyll (George Mercer) and his evil alter-ego Mr Edward Hyde, is one know well to many. Set in the Victorian era of contrasting sin and privilege, Dr Jekyll strives to rid people of their dark side. With nobody to experiment on, he decides to be his own lab rat…with dire consequences. He strikes up a ‘friendship’ with local lady of the night Lucy Harris (Lily Taylor-Ward) despite his engagement to well-to-do Emma Carew.

Uncontrollable as Mr Hyde, he causes devastation and fear on the streets of London, Dr Jekyll tries to protect the ones he cares about but his other personality threatens to take over and be rid of the nice Dr for good. Can there be a happy ending?

I have said this before and I will say it again, BMTG are wonderfully at home on the stage of the Duchess Theatre, but they fully deserve the bright lights of a larger theatre and theatre audience. George Mercer’s voice is incredible and gave me goosebumps, as did Lily Taylor-Ward’s. I can see them on the West End stage or with a huge theatre tour. But I can say this for the whole cast, the production was professional from start to finish, from the musical numbers, to the dance routines. Am Dram? No, complete professionalism that work so hard, including the crew, they deserve every success.

I look forward to the next one.