Who better to send to watch Jane Eyre than this Miss Eyre?! The classic novel by Charlotte Brontë brought to life on stage at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham by Bristol Old Vic in association with the National Theatre.
This contemporary version of Jane Eyre was enthralling from beginning to end – our heroine was played with such passion by Madeleine Worrall, who really gave a dramatic performance throughout. Felix Hayes played Mr Rochester in a slightly more humorous way, less brooding. You found yourself giggling at his stern manner – hopefully this was intentional. 
The whole cast played their roles (some of them multiple roles) superbly and fully put their heart and sole into the performance. Melanie Marshall’s haunting melodies as secret wife Bertha truly gave you chills. Bertha was a bit more melancholy in this stage version as opposed to completely mad, but Melanie’s voice rang through the theatre beautifully, she has an outstanding voice. 
If you are a fan of contemporary versions of classics then this is for you. Whilst I enjoyed the show immensely, there were a couple of modern songs thrown in that confused me slightly – but that is the purpose of contemporary, the modern twists.

The set was a minimal wooden structure that the cast used every inch of to climb all over – my imagination was on overdrive.

A different but good version of one of my favourite stories – every time someone shouted “Miss Eyre” I bolted upright in my seat!
Performance 7/10

Story 7/10

Set 7/10