I have watched some good movies lately and Hush (2016) is definitely one of them. It’s hard to find something original in a very saturated genre, especially in Horror/Thriller movies. Hush has a twist that I find interesting and enjoyable.
The movie is about an author who retrieves into the woods (which is never a good idea) to live a solitary life. 

An intruder attempts a home invasion. What develops is a cat and mouse chase between the main protagonist and the killer and a fight for survival. To give you an idea, if you liked movies such as You’re Next (2011) and The Strangers (2008), its similar. Why Hush is interesting is that, the main protagonist is completely deaf. This adds a different dynamic to the familiar home invasion scenario.

What I liked about the movie was the way the director uses sound. Because the main character is completely deaf, the director uses the sound in a way to make the audience feel like they are in the shoes of the victim. If you have a good sound system, you will love this movie. The one thing I will say is that, because the woman is deaf there isn’t much dialog throughout the movie.

The acting is superb. I do not have any complaints. Kate Siegel who is plays Maddie, the deaf women, does a fantastic job. Some of the scenes are very intense. The serial killer played John Gallagher Jr, who consequently also stars in 10 Cloverfield Lane, is relentless in his torment. Like in most movies of this genre, there are highs and lows but ultimately Hush has a thrilling climax.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this movie. The deaf aspect is something new and original. If you enjoy home invasion movies then you will love Hush. If you have a good sound system then Hush will take full advantage of it. The movie is full of suspense and tension and has a feel of an early slasher movie.


Story 7/10

Cast 6/10

Scare Factor 7/10

The good – thrilling climax, great acting, original

Bad – can be a little predictable at times