A tour of the Celebrity Advisors, ‘How to be happy tour’. The Speakman’s are a regular feature on ‘ This Morning’; they help both celebrities and the public in how to deal with physiological trauma including PTSD, OCD and other anxieties. 

I was intrigued to attend and hopefully enjoy some tips in happiness and coping strategies. The audience had more Women than Men with a variety of people attending. It began with Nick & Eva Speakman talking about themselves and how they had overcome difficulties in their early lives. They also talked of how they fell in love and started to learn to help others. They managed to touch upon irrational fears & how to cope & train your thoughts to deal with them.

They used a member of the audience who had a fear of spiders and how to cope better when faced with spiders. I felt the brave chap had no time to refuse and was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. It reminded me of a magic trick that they were about to perform. I felt that the tour had become like a theatre show and not remotely educational or in depth. The time didn’t drag for me; they were amusing and engaged the audience. I would have liked to have more information on how to cope with the stress and anxiety of life and not a biography of their lives.

I believe that they could have used their time on stage to include more information. I certainly would have been happier if I felt that I had left with some information or buzz words to help stay positive. I champion anyone that wants to help find happiness and support others. There are many people seeking answers and to get out and find them is amazing. It would have been helpful to remind the audience that they can find help locally and identify their needs.

I fully appreciated their volunteers on film and in the audience in sharing their stories has it is not easy to talk about. It is difficult to ask for help and admit problems, but I feel a stage show cannot be the answer on its own. I did hear some huffing and puffing in the audience and felt that other audience members were also looking for a deeper learning experience.


Good points – The Speakman’s were quite easy to listen to.


Bad points – Would have liked inspiration with Self-help or seeking help.


Overall rating 6/10