The Birmingham Stage Company brings Horrible Histories tour to Nottingham, teaching us about the Terrible Tudors and the Awful Egyptians…with added fun! Based on the books by Terry Deary, illustrated by Martin Brown, the much loved funny history books come to life. 

Simon Nock, Izaak Cainer and Lisa Allen hilariously take us through the Tudor times, introducing us to Henry VII and Henry VIII and his six wives, helping us to remember them all with a catchy tune and actions to go with it! With local references to Richard III and a car park…the adults were just as entertained as the children. 

The production is broken down into two parts, the performance I went to see was Terrible Tudors, however the fun still continues as a separate story which focuses on Awful Eqyptians on separate dates, I’ve listed the performance times below for your reference.

Like with the Terrible Tudors, Awful Egyptians will also have a freaky 3D segment! I could imagine this to have lots of screaming from the audience and not just from the kids, just like I experienced. 

So if you’ve been to see Terrible Tudors like me, why not go to see more Horrible Histories and go see Awful Egyptians I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

So much fun for all of the family, audience participation and the actors did an amazing job holding the audience and giving us great laughs with their comedy timing being on point. I was unsure what to expect from Horrible Histories the stage adaptation but it definitely delivered.

HORRIBLE HISTORIES: Terrible Tudors & Awful Egyptians

Theatre Royal Nottingham

Tuesday 26 February – Saturday 2 March 2019

Terrible Tudors: Tue 26 Feb 7pm, Wed 27 Feb 10.30am, Thu 28 Feb 1.30pmSat 2 Mar 3pm

Awful Egyptians: Wed 27 Feb 1.30pm, Thu 28 Feb 10.30am, Fri 1 Mar 7pmSat 2 Mar 11am 0115 989 5555

Photo Credit : Mark Douet