Love is in the air this week and what better way to share the love and laughter with Tracy Turnblad and the rest of the gang from the hit musical Hairspray.
Baltimore 1962, Tracey Turnblad with her big hair and an even bigger heart sets out to follow her dream and to dance on The Corny Collins Show on television.

After winning over the hearts of the local community she soon finds herself wanting to make a bigger change to the show itself, by integrating both sexes and races across the program. Making such a bold statement didn’t go down too well with the bosses, however she hoped that everyone such as her family, Corny Collins (Jon Tsouras) and local heart-throb Link Larkin (Edward Chitticks) could help her achieve in the eyes of many a controversial movement.

The Theatre Royal Nottingham really had fun watching Hairspray and at the end pretty much everyone was on their feet dancing and singing along to ‘You Can’t stop the Beat’ now that song is gonna be in my head for weeks to come.
The staging was really good, with less being more. There was only one can of Hairspray when normally each of the cast members are spraying hairspray all over the place but thankfully there wasn’t much of that.

Vocals from everyone was outstanding as mentioned before we were all singing along to the hits, if the singing didn’t win you over the dancing really hit the spot. So powerful and high tempo dance moves you couldn’t take your eyes off.
There was lots of laughs most of which provided by Edna Tyrnblad (Matt Rixon) & Wilbur Tyrnblad (Norman Pace) , when they had a scene together you just wanted to burst out laughing because of how they bounced off each other, and at times quite literally, oh and coming out of character on occasions always gets a laugh from the audience.

Brenda Edwards who played the role of Motormouth Maybelle – took the roof off the building with her incredible soulful voice, to the audience delight.
Gina Murray who played the role of Velma Von Tussle, oozed sass – the badly of the production, however she wasn’t a push over and gave it her all whilst bolting out her numbers.
Gemma Lawson (understudy) played the role of Amber Von Tussle, who certainly wanted to steal any limelight she could get from Tracy / Link or even Corny Collins on his own show.
Layton Williams who played the role of Seaweed, received the biggest crowd reception with some magnificent dances moves, his body moved with ease pulling of pops and flips all over the place and his vocals were quite good too.
Jon Tsouras who played the role of Corny Collins, put some class and dry wit to the production, with some outrageous outfits to match.
Understudies really worked their magic tonight and no better was the lead role of Tracy Turnblad played by an understudy Rosie O Hare, she did a fantastic job! With big hair, funny and dizzy characteristics and a great voice, the beat really didn’t stop.

The rest of the cast and ensemble were outstanding, making this production entertaining and great to watch, strong performances on their vocals and dance moves kept the sell out Theatre Royal Nottingham wanting more.
There wasn’t much noise from all the moving around behind the scenes which is a good thing as at times this is very off putting, so the staff and crew working in the back made the sets/scenes run seamlessly. With good use of lighting and the live band truly made for a showstopper production.

“Wow Wow Wow! If you want a feel good, funny and big in more ways than one, you’ve gotta see Hairspray!”

You can catch Hairspray at the Theatre Royal Nottingham until Saturday 17th February.

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