The guy that can’t be changed is with the girl who is trying to change him, even how hard she tries she always feels like nothing is working and that she feels he won’t change and will always be the same old gambler and lier.
Guys and Dolls returns to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal with a incredible cast lineup from stage and screen to Hollywood itself, this was going to be something special.

As we took to our seats the set and stage was bright and colourful, the whole theatre was lit up, some very impressive stage design and lighting you could tell a lot of work by the design team gone into this production, without any notice at all the live orchestra kicked off like a beating heart making us all tap our feet from the get go. With a mixture of class, humour and sassiness this show had it all, there was plenty of eye candy for the both the ladies and gentlemen of the audience, the costume department really had it on the money making it feel like you were in that golden era.

So if I was a gambling man, I would put all my money on this being a great show, I can safety say I wouldn’t lose the bet as I wasn’t wrong, the show was ‘outstanding’, from start to finish it kept me entertained throughout.

Having a funny but very charming story being told of a girl who wants to keep her guy, and who tries to mould him into something which he isn’t too keen of becoming, plus a girl who falls for someone who she really shouldn’t which makes of interesting viewing.

If like me you’ve read the book nor knew about the Broadway production from the 50’s or seen film adaptation starring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine, don’t worry this production is special and can stand on its own two feet itself.

The leading males Richard Fleesham (Played as Sky Masterson) and Maxwell Caulfield (Played as Nathan Detroit) captivated the audience, whether it be sharing the stage with each other or with other cast members and the ensemble they did what was expected from them, very well done to Carlos Acosta and Andrew Wright for the Choreography the whole cast and ensemble put on a tight, powerful and believable performance throughout the whole show.

Richard Fleesham who sung the song which many of you will symbolise with Guys And Dolls ‘Luck Be A Lady’ was done excellently. As for the ladies, Anna O’Byrne (Who played as Sarah Brown) who came from no where with such a remarkable voice belted out a number which included ‘If I Were a Bell’ plus sharing the vocals with songs like ‘I’ve Never Been in Love Before’ and a duet with Louise Dearman (Who played Miss Adelaide) which was ‘Marry The Man Today’, Anna gave a great performance, making the audience fall in love with her being a strong and powerful woman and then falling for the wrong guy and also being funny as well.

Louise Dearman as mentioned played the role of Miss Adelaide was the audience favourite, her performance brought yet more laughter, and just how she too had some nice vocals performances made the audience give her a standing ovation at the end.

With some outstanding casting by Anne Vosser Casting, all of the cast which also included Mark Sangster, Peter Harding, Craig Pinder, Melanie Marshall, Christopher Howell, Anthony McGill and Cameron Johnson all put on great performers I couldn’t fault any of them as for me it was such a great show I just want to relive it all again.
This is a show not to be missed, I can personally say that this is one of the most captivating productions I’ve seen for a very long time and it will take a lot to beat.