I never got into the craze when Goat Simulator originally came out in 2014, it seems like it was a ‘game’ built for the YouTube generation, that everything that needs a reaction needs to be recorded with hilarity and laughter ensuing, fast forward 2 years, and the opportunity to play Goat Simulator (The Bundle) on Xbox One had come up, and with hesitation I pressed play…. and now I have never wanted to be a goat more than today… which I don’t think I every thought I wanted to be up until this point, so Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven has certainly achieved something in making me have that feeling that if this is how it is to be a goat, I don’t want to be human anymore!
imageBut seriously Goat Simulator: The Bundle, which includes the base Goat Simulator game, and its self contained expansion game Mmore Goatz Edition is just a game to cause havoc, as a goat (or a goat dressed as a magician, or a mermaid goat, or a robot goat, or a really tall goat, a microwave goat, a hunter goat, a zombie goat..a..a…you get the idea….) that’s all is all, destruction for the sake of on screen explosions! Both games are pretty much exactly the same but with different locations and aesthetics, as well as a a few ‘modes’ added to the Mmore Edition.

Goat Simulator is physics based in an open playground to cause as much damage as possibly in as many weird and wild situations as possible. Want to lick a hand glider and fly around the map, fine, want to throw a bolder onto a BBQ party, headbutt away, want to sacrifice members of the public to the goat gods, go right ahead i insist. Its as easy as one press of the button, and away you go, its simplicity at its finest thrown in with the torture of a broken mess at its worse.

mmore1You can do many a thing within Goat Simulator within its limitations as a game, and there are indeed limitations, the games frame rate goes ape as soon anything more that 1 item explodes, and the physics are a broken mess half the time with your goat flipping out all over the shop, and the numerous amounts of you passing through objects like walls and floors, but that’s also the beauty of Goat Simulator, and its subsequent Mmore Goatz game, the developers do not shy away from the fact that there are bugs, issues, and complications throughout the experience, and they have addressed the fact that all these bugs are kept in for the charm of this glitched up mess, its never game breaking that you can’t jump straight back in, but don’t expect a smooth ride from minute one to completion…. and when i say completion, that’s again down to the player, as this is just an open sand box game, you could feel like you’ve had enough within 15 minutes in the small maps just messing about, or 20 hours later you could still be loving the little intricacies of the world, the additonal modes, and trying to beat your best score or creating the most f’ed up explosion possible.

MmoreGoatz_ScrAs I say, completion of generated quests or personal score achievements aside, there is no story to speak of, there are ‘quests’ as previously mentioned which pop up, for example cause massive destructive damage, get hit by a car, lick a human, do ‘Tony Hawks’ manual move, and so on but these are all optional, you will get many as you go along just in general play and pissing about, but there is no point A to point B story within either Goat Simulator or Mmore Goatz Edition, within Mmore there are modes that you can have a zombie outbreak and what not, but again everything is the same in terms of gameplay, with a few differences in how the people react on the map, at the end of things, they are just games for you to mess about, laugh at the goat in front of you, laugh at the stupidity of the darn human beings, and just pass some time.

It feels like there is some slight structure to the ‘story’ within Mmore Goatz Edition, being a ‘MMO’ game, with a chat box and multiple goats in the world, as well as options for pre and post zombie outbreak, but in all reality, there isn’t, this is all just a Simulated MMO world, none of the chats are real, and none of the players or goats are real human, its still just piss about and destroy the world you are in by jumping, licking and wall climbing and completed general quests as they come and go, it feels more populated and a much bigger game that the original, and that’s the intention, but in general terms this is exactly the same as the base Goat Simulator game, just with added character skins, and potentially some different moves you can pull off.

microwave1Being a game of nothing plus a game of everything, throughout Goat Simulator and Mmore Goatz, you can unlock various special mutations or ‘moves’ to use to keep the game feeling every so slightly different and varied, for example Angel Goat (so you can float after a jump) Goat Queen (Summon your goat minions), Tall Goat (become a Giraffe goat) and more, some are available from the start of the game, others requires collection of items, achievements, or progression of quests. Again all these just help you destroy the world in different skins, and unless you are specifically playing this for the Achievements on Xbox One or the Trophies on PS4, you can use as many or as little as you want with no implications throughout.

Goat Simulator graphics and audio is well, nothing to write to your goat home about. At times it can looks nice, but that’s mainly when you’re standing still on your four hoofs, as soon as you move, jump, float in the air, there are glitches, pop ups and graphical bugs that as you play, its just soon feels like a common feature. Audio is downright poor on occasions, you will get the same continuous low quality sound bite ‘I was sacrificed by a goat once’ ‘Is that a goat’ ‘Hey a goat!’ or bad waterfall sound effects or machine effects that are either too loud or too distorted that you get bloody annoyed, and these are happening over and over and over. It can actually get slightly less annoying with the (purposely) annoying background music (especially in the base game) that you actually get used to after a while.

img_7350.jpgIt sounds like I’m making out that its unplayable due the the graphics, but that’s not the case, its 100% playable continuously, and again as stated numerous times it purposely glitched enough, that the glitches are funny, the pop ups are expected, and there is enough in the graphics that it, at times, will look OK. There should also be some props thrown towards the gameplay aspects by the developers, this is literally the easiest pick up and play game out there, controls are simplistic, you can ‘complete’ the game with just two buttons and no one will find any trouble in having a laugh. Its funnily, at times a joy to play that you do not have loads to remember how to play the game that you can just jump in for a (literal) blast from time to time and still know how and what to do as if this was yesterday or a year from now.

Overall Goat Simulator: The Bundle is a game or sorts…. its sort of a game, and its sort of not. Personally, I’m not sure if this really is a game, Yes its a sandbox experience but for me I actually like some reason to my games, being told a story, the Story of a Goats Life, something of real accord to the title, the story about THIS GOAT LIFE would have been great, but alas that’s not that case, its just press X is you want to lick this, press A to jump, explosion, laugh, respawn.

img_7349.jpgI prefer Goat Simulator massively over the Mmore Goatz Edition, even though the 4 maps are bigger on Mmore compares to the 2 on the original, I felt it turned rather boring after a while, and with the tightness (due to how small they were) of the original maps and the opportunity for better progress, it felt more like what the game intended to be, not a ‘fake’ MMO, but just a sandbox to mess about in.But look, if its a game or not that’s subjective to how much enjoyment you get out of this piece of shit.. (in a good way of course), I got about 3-4 hours on both titles due to me unlocking achievements on the games, and considering the price point, I’m happy with that return, and the fact that the first time we played this, the whole family broke out into laughter about really WTF are we looking at and what the hell is this GOAT doing, then I think its well worth recommending to have a play about with.