Who you gonna call?! Maybe Paranormal researchers, or the Ghostbusters? Well this is what people did when they saw something strange in their neibourhood.

Once ghosts where unleashed across the city people started to believe these ghosts were real. A group of female scientists and a former metro worker were called in to put a stop to the ghoulish antics spreading over the city.

Equipped with weapons and traps all fit for the job, the ladies had to work together to save the life’s of the people in the city, but could they do it alone? Or do they need any help with friendly ghosts?

First and for most I’m an 1980’s baby so I got to experience the whole Ghostbusters phenomenon, saw the films, watched the cartoons, played the games, bought the toys and I even had my own backpacks and traps for some crazy reason, and yes I liked the original movies, so when the female cast was announced I was more surprised then disappointed as I knew that a third instalment to the Ghostbusters franchise was on the cards, but never happened for a number of different reasons.

My option is if something isn’t broke it shouldn’t be fixed or rebooted, films come to mind such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Independence Day which clearly they didn’t work and received negatives reviews but as this feels more like a new direction for the franchise focusing on the comedy factor with the female main cast consisting of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, plus to add a touch of eye candy Chris Hemsworth makes a good impression throughout the film. Don’t get me wrong the original had many laughs throughout but this does a great standalone job and I personally feel adds that bit of something extra to the franchise that will only get stronger to its new audience.

The film is visually impressive with the ghosts and ghouls of all shapes and sizes, plus some old faces and cameos making appearances, so anyone who liked the original films should enjoy those plus the throwbacks and noods to the great work the original cast and directors did, the soundtrack pumps into many of the scenes which makes the scene more enjoyable as most of the audience where humming along to the soundtrack.

So we had comedy and loads of funny moments, good story line with a gatekeeper style character opening a pathway to all the ghost and ghouls to enter nearly along the lines the Temple of Gozer (from the original movie).

Each character brought their own entertainment factor to the table with Kate McKinnon playing the slightly mad James Bond Q like character making all sorts of fun gadgets for the gang to use, Leslie Jones was the bold head strong character with local knowledge of New York City as she used to work on the trains metro (underground) system, many of jokes from her throughout the film.

I thought Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t be in the film for long or wouldn’t play a major part, as I thought they showed him in the trailer and wouldn’t be in much else throughout the film, but I glad he played a good part within the film, he was also funny and worked well with the female cast.

Of course Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig work well together and have proved themselves in a number of different films whether it be on their own or together, two different styles of comedy, which work good together.

So if you liked the original films and want something a little different with some familiar faces then you will enjoy Ghostbusters, the scene is set very well from the get go and the character building works well.

Very enjoyable go see it!