The new production of Bill Kenwright’s Ghost The Musical titled Unchained and Reimagined visits the Theatre Royal Nottingham.
The audience was in their seats and waiting to see the magic and memories we all loved and remembered from the 1990 film Ghost, as the lights went down and the music started the theatre hall was silenced to follow Molly and Sam on their journey.

The film adaptation had one piece of music that symbolizes the film, this was Unchained Melody performed by The Righteous Brothers, and this does make an appearance in various forms throughout the show so you won’t be disappointed.

The story starts off with Molly (Sarah Harding), Sam (Andy Moss) and Carl (Sam Ferriday) breaking through a wall in Molly & Sam’s new apartment, this was to be a new start for the young couple. Everything seemed to be moving along nicely for them both, Sam doing well in his job with his friend Carl in the city and with Molly spending time to finish her art work which she had a great passion and interest for.
Whilst the story unfolds the love between Molly & Sam was enjoyed by the audience and for this to come to a sudden end when Sam is murdered when leaving from an art gallery which had Molly’s work on display.

Molly tries to get on with her life without Sam, she is finding it very difficult to move on, Sam’s friend Carl would be there for Molly to comfort her at her time of need, that’s what a friend would do right?!

Sam now finds himself stuck between two worlds and trying to understand why he was here but fortunately for him he finds a spiritual reader called Oda Mae (Jacqui Dubois) who can hear him when no one else can, but unfortunately for Oda Mae she has been given this gift.

I always worry when actors are not meant to be on stage and as a ghost like figure, as I worry that one of the other actors bumps into them while there is movement around the stage, or one of the cast members looks at the ghostly cast member, but thankfully everything ran smoothly, only a starbucks cup almost fell off the table as it was slightly moved by Sam.

The new production was totally different to the original production, if you’ve seen the original production before you may not like the changes which have happened, as I personally felt that the musical worked better with the video scenes and the amazing visuals, as the new version has stripped this away and replaced it with more moving sets by ropes and made it look less magically then it was before.

Personally I preferred the original production as it offered something different to every other musical out there, but I now feel that it didn’t give me too much to marvel over.

Bad Points

The visuals and lighting I felt could have been better as before Sam would have a light blue spotlight on him but this time he didn’t and wasn’t very ghostly.
Leo Sene who played the role of Willie, I didn’t understand what happened with his accent as at times it turned into a posh English accent to an American accent which was more annoying then scary.

Sarah Harding’s voice wasn’t that powerful to hit the high notes and it did look at times she was struggling, but that aside she did put on a great performance and you can see she put her all into it and at the end of the performance you could see it took it out of her.

Good Points

Garry Lee Netley who played the Subway Ghost was incredible.

The backing music performs throughout the show really set the scene, pulling on the heart stings of us all.

It truly was magical and it made us believe that Sam truly loved Molly even though he never said it, just seeing what he went through to express his love for her.

Throughout the performance you heard people showing their emotions, losing someone you love is always a painful and upsetting moment in anyone’s life. Of course the final scene had the sold out Theatre Royal audience in tears, that was pulled off perfectly.

Even though I preferred the original production this new production was truly magical, it still had moments of class and each and every cast member gave it their all, some played a number of different roles and I couldn’t fault any of them.

There were laughs, there were tears but you must see it to believe it!