Ghost Stories: the show comes with a warning – not suitable for under 15s or those with a nervous disposition – so you could sense the audience was full of that nervous excitement when you know something is going to happen but you don’t quite know what…

Appropriate music and lighting adds to the atmosphere as we take our seats – everyone looking nervously around and apologising in advance if they scream too loud

Written by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, I was surprised to hear it was in its 10th year as I hadn’t come across it before

Not to give much away as the audience are asked to “keep the secret” –
Professor Goodman (Joshua Higgott) guides us through the evening drawing in the audience as he directs his lecture at us attempting to explain the unexplainable as he recounts 3 paranormal claims
1st from night watchman Tony Matthews (Paul Hawkyard – Old Jack’s Boat), 2nd teenager Simon Rifkind (Gus Gordon) and finally workaholic Mike Priddle (Richard Sutton)

A great script with some great comedy in all the right places, great acting from all 5 actors, fantastic use of stage and set – very short at only 1hr 20mins long but I get they don’t won’t people to have a break as the tension builds so stay in your seat and immerse yourself

Ghost Stories, Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 25th January