I had my concerns about attending this performance in Nottingham due to a unexpected football match that was taking place. My concerns were for my daughter and getting out of the theatre before the match ended. The atmosphere was the usual excitement with the children but the adults were distracted and the audience were noticeably fidgety.

A great start from the actor playing Ben (Tom Cawte), he was clear and confident and he easily captured the audience. The story of a young boy who is sent to stay over at his Granny’s house every Friday whilst his parents indulge in their hobby of ballroom dancing. Ben cannot muster any enjoyment in being with Granny and her love of all things cabbage.

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Every week she treats him to a new cabbage dish, desperate for a change to his routine he calls his parents to say how boring granny is, and he wants to go Ballroom dancing with his parents. Poor Granny hears the call and hatches a plan to appear more exciting to keep her precious moments with her Grandson. They begin a daring adventure that brings them together with an unexpected meeting from the most famous Granny in the world.

A heartwarming story to cross the generations, fun, laughter and dancing enrich the story. The cast were wonderful and patient with the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The cast managed to get the audience on their feet for some dancing and cheering which is what we all needed. I personally loved the Mum ( Jenny Garner) & Dad (Jason Furnival) combination and the hilarious Flávio (Aosaf Afzal) with his long dark hair and ill fitting suit.

Good points -Actors were great fun and engaged the audience.

Bad points – Audience fidgety and didn’t always respond to the story.

Set 8/10
Performance 9/10


Photos by Mark Douet

The tour continues to London check here for ticket information https://seatplan.com/london/gangsta-granny/