Firstly, if you haven’t read any of David Walliam’s books…what are you playing at?! Go get them and read them, I promise that you won’t regret it. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to seeing one of his best-loved books ‘Gangsta Granny’ turned into a stage production. Gangsta Granny tells the story of a young boy called Ben (played by Ashley Cousins), who gets shipped off to his Granny’s every weekend by his ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ mad parents, so they can have their dancing date night. Ben hates going to his Granny’s – he finds it very boring and smelling of cabbage – I’m guessing much like many tweens opinions of their grandparents. Granny (Gilly Tompkins) overhears Ben complaining to his parents about how much he hates going to Granny’s house – Granny feels saddened when she hears this and wants to make it more exciting so Ben enjoys going – Granny starts to pour out tales of her ‘Gangster’ days.    Ben’s imagination runs away with him and he soon comes up with a crazy plan which sees both Ben and Granny plotting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London!  The show was packed with plenty of laugh out loud moments, the whole cast brought the story to life brilliantly. Umar Malik played both Raj the shopkeeper and the flamboyant TV personality Flavio, he played them with such humour and was stand out for his funny moments – he even sold interval ice creams to the audience as Raj – genius!  The set design was absolutely amazing, it consisted of 3 boxes that spun around, opened up and had props pulled in and out of them – they reminded me of dolls houses – such a clever set idea.  The entire audience, not just the children, loved the show from start to finish, including the poignant ending which reminded us not to forget our older relatives or write them off just because we think we are too busy. I really hope that more of David Walliam’s brilliant books are brought to life on the stage, I will definitely be going to them if they are.