Epic Games have created a few memorable names in gaming with Gears of War and the Infinity Blade series on IOS and are the developers of the most known video game engine, the unreal engine. Although it has been out for a while, Fortnite seems to be taking the world by storm with its Battle Royale game being talked about everywhere.

After the success of Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Epic decided to create a free-to-play version of their base game Fortnite, which players build a “fort” to protect survivors from a worldwide storm and an invasion of zombies. Taking an idea of building and the PUBG game, they managed to create a hunger games style game with the ability to build and manipulate the world around to help beat other players to the “victory royale!”

Starting with 100 people in a lobby, you are then dropped into a large map from a flying bus onto a large map with a pickaxe, but no weapons, meds or materials to build. Items are scattered across the map with rare weapons and items in more active places than others. After putting together your load out its time to go to war! A storm will form on the map which closes every few minutes until theres only one player or team left on the map, so keep an eye on the storm circle so you don’t get caught out!

Although the graphics may look a little ‘cartoonish’, the gameplay is brilliant with constant updates to keep the game fresh and new things to try. The map also changes through these updates, at the time of writing half of the map has been covered in snow from the Christmas period and will surely change again when the next season update is released. Whilst it is good to have all this content for free, it can get quite annoying to keep updating the game and you could be waiting a while when you’d rather be playing. The updates can be quite big in data size so if you have capped internet plan you mat find you hitting that limit quick.

The mechanics of the game work really well, although it does feel a lot different to previous shooting games you may have played before. It can get a little bit frustrating at times when you feel your aim is perfectly on an opposing player and no hit markers are popping up, but after a few games in some of the more active parts of the map you’ll find that with a bit of practise (and a lot of eliminations) you’ll start to get the hang of it! Building can also be very tedious, learning which button builds stairs and walls can be very confusing, especially watching some of the veteran players building ridiculous structures, but once you start practising how to build, you’ll be building stuff like that with ease.

With most free-to-play games, in app purchases are available but these are for cosmetic items only. So theres no pay to win element in the game. the in app purchases are for new character skins, weapon colours, gliders and emotes. You can also buy the seasonal battle pass which add challenges for you to beat whilst playing and allow you to unlock more skins and other items.

In my opinion I’d say that if you are looking for a new game to play, you cant really go wrong with Fortnite. With the developers keeping the game updated and the feeling of beating 99 players on a solo game can really be satisfying, this is game you can enjoy. Its not something you can pick up and play so stick at it and after a few games you’ll be hooked!

+Always new content to try

+Mechanics work really well

+Free to play!

-Updates galore and may also take a lot of storage space

-In app purchases can be expensive

-Building can be confusing when first learning to play.