I always love a good sports game. I like watching sports, I enjoy the thrill of someone scoring and I laugh at the fake competition that people have with each other. It’s great. So when I get a chance to play a sports game, football or otherwise, I jump at the chance. Football Manager is no exception, so I was ecstatic to know that I’d be playing it. I haven’t actually played a Football Sim game since 2012, so it was a massive shock to see the drastic changes that have been made on Football Manager.

​Aside from graphical enhancements, new creation opportunities, and basic UI changes, there’s been a massive amount of changes made to the game style which affect how you play. As I saw it: More numbers, more names, and more charts. Maybe an overwhelming amount of charts, numbers, and names even. I couldn’t keep up most of the time, and after a few clicks I realised I had been playing an hour and a half. Shocking, considering I had made no transfers and only played one full match. I’ll press on with the rest of the review below:



 So, the game works very similar to how it has in the past. You have a football team you’re the manager of, and you can manipulate it to your liking. Do what you like with the formations or players, buy more stadium or merchandising equipment, or attend conferences with the media. It’s a mixed bag of game-play with fluidity across the different aspects, all compiling to make an overpowering game-play experience.

If you know anything about Football Manager, then I’m sure you know how it usually goes. Some changes to game-play revolve around much more in-depth statistics around players and their abilities, and their impact on a match. Your manager is also customizable now, and visible on the sidelines getting angry at referee decisions: Which is never going to not be funny. There’s also more character input on tactics, like set pieces and formations. Which expands on the user side of things.

There’s many more changes, but I’ll outline them in more detail below.


Noteable Changes:

– Fantasy Draft,

Fantasy draft is a brand new multiplayer feature which functions as a sort of multiplayer movement from single-player. You and friends start with your own empty teams, and go about filling them with new players. Then you sort out formations and other variables, then go head-to-head against your other friends in a made league. It’s the multiplayer mode that was massively needed in a Football Manager game, so I’m really glad they decided to add it.

– Create-a-club,

Self-explanatory, really. You go about creating your own club with their own amount of funding, then go about making them into footballing legends. Build up from the ground until you’ve reached the top. It’s a different way to play the familiar game, and can be made as difficult or as easy as you want. It’s neat, and it’s just another additional mode which you can enjoy.


– Updated in-depth features,

 As mentioned further above there are plenty of new additions to the UI which affect how you view certain statistics. If you like an expanded list of statistics and additional tools for creating more tactics, then you definitely won’t have an issue with the changes. They streamline how you view players primary skills and stats, and even make it easier to judge how they are playing at that particular time. This definitely helps with the overall fluidity of the game, and makes it much easier to play, seemingly streamlining it for easier play for new players.



All in all it’s definitely one of the better Football Managers to be released. I rate it highly, and definitely recommend it to other fans of football and of the Football Manager series. All in all, a fun experience for a player who hasn’t played a Football Manager game in a while, and loved the reintroduction.


SCORE: 8/10