Flashdance comes sweeping through the city to the stage of the Theatre Royal. It’s brash and full of explosive bravado! On stage is a full sensory crescendo for your eyes and ears. Full of rocking tunes and electric dance routines!


Flashdance – The Musical is based upon the big screen Paramount Pictures hit movie of the early 1980s. The spirit of the movie enthralls at each step as a live stage performance. Bringing together the Strictly Come Dancings Joanne Clifton and A1s Ben Adams, delightfully there’s a noticeable glowing bond of stage chemistry between the stars.

There’s an inspiring uplifting story being woven, as young Alex, a welder by trade and a skilled exotic flashdancer by night. Alex (Joanne Clifton) longing of the bright lights and stardom, with dreams of attending the Shipley Dance Academy to fulfill those ambitions of becoming a professional dancer. Cupids arrow strikes home with new found love with Nick (Ben Adams) Conflicted and complicated, before using this energy as the fuel for her drive to succeed.  


The acting performances all round are superb, drawing the audience into the believable scenario. Bringing the crowd to the feet was the jaw-dropping dance routines.


Must be said Boy bands generally get mocked somewhat for their campy dance routines. Lead choreographer for Flashdance – The Musical Matt Cole must have really put them through the paces in rehearsals and brought out the best in their potentials. Ben has come on a very long way since A1 and look forward to seeing more of his talent in dance productions in the future. Ballroom dancing on the Beeb was nothing compared to the audacious outing exhibited here. Joanne showing herself as a dancer who has truly who blossomed into a star seeking perfection. Mirroring her character. The flourishing performance of the signature musical score of ‘What a feeling!’ truly outstanding!


Feisty and electrifying throughout. The rendition of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock And Roll. Muah!

Flashdance opens this week from Wednesday 9th May running until Saturday 12th May.

Tickets from £19 – £43


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