Growing up with a Sega Mega Drive I managed to play some of the ultimate classic games like Golden Axe, Sonic and Streets of Rage. Also living so close to the coast I got the privilege of playing arcade greats like Tekken, TMNT or Simpsons Arcade. The side-scrolling beat’em up genre has been a little quiet over the past few years but SebaGamesDev have made a fantastic gem that captures the golden era of 90s gaming and puts a modern twist that works great!

Set in the future, an electromagnetic pulse destroyed all technology in the world and allowed mutants to take over. 2 humans and a rebel mutant are fighting back against the evil villain called The Boss. With multiple outcomes to how you play, the story will change with every decision you make!

The gameplay is very smooth and controls are great, it’s very simple to pick up and play, but once you get into it, mastering combos and fighting tougher enemies make it very hard to master! The game also includes co-op multiplayer which makes for some great on screen chaos and with friendly fire turned can really ramp up the difficulty!

A nice touch to the 16 bit graphic style is the multiple colour styles that can be chosen in the settings and the fact you can add an analogue TV style scanlines to make it feel like you’re back in the 90s!

If you’re after some nostalgia Fight’N Rage is absolutely worth a buy, even if you’re new to beat em’ ups you won’t go wrong with this. The game is also on multiple platforms so whichever console you have you can enjoy this gem!

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