When I first booted up this game I was unsure on what to expect but when I played this it was a rather nice breath of fresh air.  To play a game where there is no time limit, no being chased or having to stealth your way through everything it was this that I found this to actually be therapeutic.  

From the off I found myself soaring through the air barrel rolling, swooping and nose diving through rings.  To find that you are just left to explore the environment from the caverns in the mountain to the skies soaring through clouds to be honest with how fast past so many games are these days it is amazing to play a game that just leaves you to it to enjoy the experience.

 I spent a total of 3 hours non stop playing this (a personal best for me to have control of the Nintendo switch that long before the kids claim it back) and could not have been happier all the way through I did not get angry or annoyed at all while playing even when the kids finally got the switch away from me my eldest son played it for a good hour and once he got to grips with it a bit (he is 6) it came down to a real fight to get it off him to go to bed but I digress he enjoyed it he loved just flying like a bird.

Overall it is a fantastic game which in a world full of stress will always be there to keep you sane and I will keep this to play in my Zen garden as this game is pure Zen.   To be perfectly honest in closing I would like to see more games on this level as in this world of chaos there is so few games out there that just let you enjoy the experience and fly like a bird.

Story: well there is not one but who cares

Game play: 9 out of 10 (truly immersive)

Graphics: 8 out of 10

Overall: 8.5 out of 10 

Now if you don’t mind I am off to fly like a bird as the kids are in bed so the switch is all mine.