If you are looking for a good Post Apocalyptic/Survival/ Sci-Fi/Zombie movie, then look no further then Extinction (2015). I recently saw this movie and was actually quite impressed.
The film starts on a school bus full of survivors from a Zombie apocalypse. Things obviously do not go as planned and they are attacked. Then we jump ahead nine years, where the two men Patrick and Jack and a nine-year-old girl Lu suspect that they are the last of the world’s survivors. The two men are neighbours but do not talk to each other.
As the movie develops, you begin to understand where the deep routed hatred that they have stems from. Eventually, they kind of get along as they have to survive a zombie attack, and they find a pregnant women along the way.
maxresdefaultThe plot is relatively unique but a bit rushed, maybe too many elements were included, and there was not enough time to explore them in depth and evolve a better bond between them. If you are expecting a zombie gore fest then you will be disappointed. The film focuses more on character development and the complex relationship between the two main protagonists.

Extinction starts quite fast but in the middle portion of the film, it does kind of start dragging along. It does redeem itself with a fast passed and tense climax that will keep you zombie lovers happy.
I was thoroughly impressed with the acting throughout.  Jeffrey Donovan and Matthew Fox are both very good, yet the incredibly talented young Quinn McColgan outshines them both.
For a relatively low budget movie, the special effects are also of a high standard. The Cinematography is gorgeous, with some truly beautiful shots.
Overall, Extinction is definitely worth a watch. I love this genre, but it is not your typical zombie apocalypse flick, it focuses more on storytelling. The action sequences were good but I felt that there were not enough of them. That being said, I would definitely give this movie a go, I think it ticks allot of boxes for Sci-Fi lovers to Zombie lovers and people who just want to watch a decent survival movie. I would give this movie a solid 6.5/10.
Cast – 7/10
Story – 7/10
Scare factor – 6/10

Good – very good acting and original story
Bad – not enough gore or action