I came out of Evil Dead expecting more. Don’t get me wrong, there was blood and lots of it, but from everything we read and heard, we expected more.

MORE blood, MORE gore, MORE scares. just MORE. The first half of the film was pretty much a bore, dragging on for 45 minutes, the pace felt off, no atmosphere, it was just a rush from scene to scene.

We even had a mini prologue with some random characters, just to set up the the main films location and show us how evil the ‘Book’ is, we understand ITS EEEVVVIIIILLLL, leave the stupid witchcraft elsewhere.

Fast forward how ever long it was from the stupid prologue and we have the usual group of friends going to a cabin in the woods, in the middle of no where, with no one else about, to do what ever crap they are there to do. This time round its to try and clean up the act of the drug addict within the group. Fortunately the group has made a decision to not let the addict leave by any means, so at least we now know, no ones a leaving and deaths a coming!
Ahhh death, how we are greeted with death, and blood, LOT OF BLOOD (but not enough!). Before that though, stupid decision after stupid decision by the group. Open a locked barbed wired package, CHECK!, Running in the woods on your own, while its pissing down with rain, CHECK! , creepy death cellar lets go in, CHECK, never listen to the addict even though she’s right about everything, CHECK! The list goes on. I understand most of them (woods, book etc) is to build the story to a degree, but when you get the same old horror cliches, like lack of common knowledge and communication, not being able to open doors, and THE INABILITY TO CLIMB UP STAIRS WITHOUT FALLING OVER!, you start to go through the motions.
Fortunately the final 45 minutes of Evil Dead are worth it, the sound effects are great, buzzing flies around the cinema were awesome, and some effects stick to old school prosthetic props, which are sorely missed these days. Burning, bubbling, slicing and dicing of various body parts, picks up the much needed gore and pace of the film, and the finale in the rain look amazing, and was enjoyable. The gore is really poured on in these final 20 minutes, and is certainly the best part of the film. I’m not sure if its the best part due to the gore and intensity, or due to the fact that the only interesting characters remain at this point.

There are a few nice throwbacks to the original Evil Dead films (a la CHAINSAW) and the pace of the final few scenes keep the atmosphere tense, and keep you on your seats, but unfortunately with the first half of the film a ball ache, it lets itself down, and doesn’t make Evil Dead a classic it could have been

Pros – Chainsaw | Great Last Half | Good Sound Effect | Good Score

Cons – Not Enough Blood | Not That Scary | Bit Boring At Times