I’m not a fan of doing poor reviews for places, but sometimes it needs to be said! We were really disappointed with this Ed’s, having been to the London branch a few times when it’s heaving with customers to an acceptable quality of food, coming to this Nottingham branch on a quiet Thursday evening we expected this to be quick, easy, and just as good, unfortunately not. 

Having ordered bottomless coffee to start with (simple enough), we gave our orders (firstly asking where are the appetisers on the menu as shown on the website, ‘we don’t do them here’ so off to a good start) so after placing the order, and then waiting, waiting, waiting, 35mins later(!!) our food arrived. Considering the fact that the starters were not on the menu, and other items as listed on the online menu wasn’t either, its not like there are hundreds of combinations here, generally its just burgers and hot dogs with chips, so we opted for some burgers, we ordered two burgers plates (Big Bubba burger and BBQ Pulled Pork De-luxe both with chips, onion rings and slaw as that’s what the ‘plates’ version come with) and there was hardly any flavour at all to the whole meal. The burgers were rather burnt and lacked (none) any seasoning, and were very dry, the slaw tasted cheap and over ‘oniony’ as if this was out of a packet, and the onion rings even had an odd colour to them and tasted no different to something out of a bag… And on that bag note, our position was just by the bar stools and grill area, and from the chips to onions rings to waffles (at least what we could see) were just coming out of bags.

 I have no issue if cooked before then bagged for quickness, but these were wholesale bags of chips and onion rings, which was a poor sight to see (it’s different if I’m not aware of this in other restaurants, as I’m sure many do this, but in this case it shouldn’t be something that is seen by the customer to allow this issue to be said). The toppings were sparce and lacked anything to define this place from all the others near by (pulled pork in this was a slither of nothing and the bacon was nothing out of the ordinary) and even the buns come out slightly burnt. In my personal case the chips on my meal were fine (I’d asked for sweet potato fries so maybe these had to be cooked on site) but the other chips was the basic out of the bag ones which weren’t great and a really bright yellow colour.

Unfortunately customer service wasn’t great either, having ordered the meals, as said it took 35mins to arrive and not once was we asked how out meal was. We drunk our first coffee before the meal and had the cups on the side showing we would of liked another one, but not once did anyone come and ask if we wanted another, having waited, I then asked if we could have another coffee, fine another waitress took our cups saying i’ll get them for you, 10mins later… ‘excuse me we are still waiting for the coffee’ Oh sorry… Then back again, we run out of filtered coffee, it will be another 3 minutes to come ready again… I wish we didn’t bother as the coffee was damn poor too, not this velvet smooth flavoursome coffee as advertised, and really just left a bad taste in the mouth (for reasons not just how bad the coffee was, but the experience overall)

Unfortunately I can’t see us going again to this Ed’s, and I’ll be surprised if it’s there in a years time in the new food court within intu Victoria Centre Nottingham, as there are many better restaurants in the court next door or two minutes down the road.

Ed’s diner needs to improve alot if they want people’s custom in the months to come!