An adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic gothic thriller which stars Phil Daniels as the lead roles of both Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Even before the production began the packed audience at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal were spooked by eerie noises and bumps in the dark, once the lights dimmed and the smokey London fog was poured out the scene was really set, dark and a scary set designs gave the look and feel of something sinister.

The story which is being told is of the two personalities of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where he is tearing between the respectable and upright Dr Henry Jekyll and his devilish alter-ego Mr Hyde. Trying to keep this under-wrapped with a secret experiment taking place in his laboratory.

The starts with Lucy (Rosie Abraham) and Charles (Anyebe Godwin) recreating a scary & horror story of a dark and mysterious person lurking in the dark waiting to pouch, entertaining Katherine a sister (Polly Frame) and Dr Jekyll (Phil Daniels) which will make you jump.

Throughout the performance Rosie Arbraham also sung a collection of odd songs and sounds such as “Da Da Da” and “Don’t Tickle Teddy In the Forest” which, I guess was intended to set the mood but personally I felt it was a little off-putting as the sound efforts and music alone was theatrical enough, that being said it did add a slight sense of panic when she shouted the word ‘Light’.

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Sam Cox played well and professional in his role of the butler Poole. Apart from Phil Daniels of course I felt that the star of the show was Grace Hogg-Robinson who played the role of Annie a maid, with her accent that was enjoyed by most of the audience and her strong character performance I was most entertained with.

With all the bumps in the night and the scares there were also funny moments which Phil Daniels led, with the uncomfortable conversation during a scene he had with a gentlemen on the train, you can clearly see he didn’t want to entertain the conversation and this was funny I can say I’ve personally had many conversations like this.

The movement of the stage designs from scene to scene wasn’t as seamless and unnoticeable as many similar productions, which meant my interest was kind of taken away at times to what was going on in the dark instead of keeping focused to the story being told.

The first half of the performance is a slow burner and it picks up in the second half where more things start to happen, as I walked out during the interval questioning myself asking what even happened for the first hour or so.

If you are wanting lots of gore and scary moments, then this may not be the one for you as there isn’t too much on offer, however the cast and crew put on a good show to tell the spooky story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde quite well so its worth a watch.

Good Points:

  • Stage / Costume Designs really set the scene
  • Grace Hogg-Robinson who played the role of Annie
  • Phil Daniels dry/dark comedy moments


Dark and spooky horror that will send you chills

Theatre Royal Nottingham : Wed 21 – Sat 24 Mar

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Photos by Mark Douet