So this is week 4 and the last one of this years Classic Thriller Season at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

Usually I get to see at least one of these thrillers each year, for me they are exactly what a trip to the theatre is all about sitting in the beautiful Nottingham Theatre Royal watching a good old fashioned thriller. I do enjoy playing the guessing game .

Let me start by telling you a little of the plot without giving to much away.

Set in the 80s in the conservatory of wealthy couple Mark & Sally Driscoll. We firstly meet Sally (played by Angie Smith ) a likeable character with a fondness for the odd gin and tonic.

Sally is listening to loud music and at first misses the knocking at the door, eventually answering the door she is greeted by a gentleman who introduces himself as John Barrett ( played by Michael Sherwin ). When John explains who he is and how they met Sally struggles to remember John or his wife Jane . Apparently they met Sally and her husband Mark on a weekend away in Torquay and had dinner together.

Sally offers John a drink and they strike up what starts to be a friendly conversation but it doesn’t take long for John to start behaving rather strangely.

Sally starts to feel uneasy, having tried to get rid of John a number of times she is relieved when husband Mark ( played by Mark Huckett ) finally returns home.

John begins to tell the Driscoll’s about his wife Jane who was involved in a fatal accident this is when Sally and Mark start to feel sorry for John believing he is suffering with depression. Unfortunately for the Driscoll’s this is when things start to take a turn for the worst !

As the story unfolds there are plenty of twists and turns and the odd chuckle, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. With lots of secrets to be revealed will the truth ever come out and what really did happen to Jane ?

Well as you can guess of course my lips are sealed.
With the pedigree of script, story and acting all wonderfully delivered by just a cast of three this play really does stand the test of time.

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Production by Norman James Crisp