The new season at the Theatre Royal Nottingham begins, and what a way to open the show!
With high energy and kicks that were even higher, plus a whole host of incredible dance routines and vocal performances by the cast the sold out audience at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal were seeing how a show was meant to be done!

Crazy for You tells a story about Bobby Child (Played by Tom Chambers), son of a rich banking family however he just loves to dance, no matter were the stage or who was watching and even at times when no one is watching. His dream was to perform and make something of his life he attempts this by trying to give an audition, which failed to impress.

Bobby’s mother Lottie Child (Played by Kate Milner-Evans) tells Bobby he must go to Deadrock, Nevada to carry out banking business to close a theatre, as he arrives it wasn’t just his love for dance that he discovers.

Crazy for You is packed with laughter, mistaken identities, and a vast amount of unforgettable tunes such as They Can’t Take That Away From Me, Nice Work If You Can Get It and many more, all performed by the cast live on stage.

Tom Chambers put on a classy and effortless performance, he has really mastered his craft in the form of dance and just looked so good on his feet.

Caroline Flack who played Irene Roth, Bobbys partner played her part very well, she brought sass and seduction as well as the comedy factor too.

Charlotte Wakefield who played Polly Baker, belted the vocals and put on a strong performance throughout. The crowds really enjoyed her stage presence and scenes with Tom Chambers.

All in all it was an enjoyable show, I and everyone else were tapping along to the songs as well as the stars were tap dancing effortlessly across the stage, the first half of the show I personally felt was more enjoyable than the second part that being said both parts were good but the ending I felt was slightly rushed.