Vertigo Gaming’s surprise hit gets a more intense sequel with Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2, bringing along new features, local multiplayer and 60+ hours of gameplay to build your platinum star restaurant!

Following from the original game, your restaurant had been shut down by the authorities forcing you to start again with your own new restaurant, which you have complete control to build.

There’s 33 restaurants you can work in which all have unique histories and stories behind them. With over 180 dishes to cook it can be worth diverting to try them all!

Gameplay is very easy to get used to. It mainly consists of button combos whilst prepping food and good timing whilst cooking separate meals. A new feature with the holding station allows you to prep food ready for orders to come in and the food be ready instantly. As many customers are picky, you will have to be ready to customise your food to suit different customers need to keep them happy all within a time limit!

I have to admit, I found the controls quite awkward at first and had to go through the tutorial twice before I got used to how it works, I was constantly getting the holding station mixed up with the orders and upsetting a lot of customers! I also found it quite confusing navigating the ingredients menu at first and then had a weird glitch which no ingredients popped up at all (although this may have been a one off for me.)

If you’re in the market for a game to pick and play whenever it’s definitely worth a look, it does remind me of overcooked but without the chaos of running around, but still has the intensity of orders which is a win in my book!