With August in full flow, sun high and warm evenings. It can mean only one thing for the Theatre Royal. 

The annual Classic Thriller Season returns! it is a personal highlight of the year of my theatre jaunts. Always making sure to take in the terror and nail biting tension of a great production. Tabs Productions in cooperation with the Theatre Royal, has delivered 4 enthralling weeks of murder and intrigue. Concluding with the magnificent Mindgame by prolific writer Anthony Horowitz.
There is something to be said for the intimate tension with small cast productions, interplay is stronger and the dialogue tighter. Allowing a full array of the actors talents to be shown. Mindgame brings the audience into the drab office of Dr Farquher; the head of Fairfields, an asylum for the criminally insane. Housing the worst of the worst. In the office having waited 2 hours for a cup of tea, having driven 3 and half hours is Mark Styler (Andrew Ryan) – a writer of true crime books. Endeavoring to get an interview with a serial killer, for his next book. In his way, is the ever versatile Michael Sherwin as Dr Farquher. 

Horowitz’s first class writing and dark humour in full swing, where all not as it seems. As the convincing Styler is forced is explore his own mind, questioning his own motives even sanity under the intensity of Sherwins performance. Sarah Wynne Kordas takes to a range of delivery as Paisley the doctors apparent assistant, and more so. Exceptional command of the audience by the performers with an hour first act and a 30 minute second act. One cannot give to much away, the nature of the interwoven mystery and all. The skeleton is simply not in the cupboard!

Sound for Mindgame, is ingenious using of the asylums broken PA system doubling as the ambiance. Playing up and down delicate tone set melodies to the dramatic.

Mindgame, a cerebral play of intricate word-smithing and the folly of the human condition. If you have not been to enjoy the Classic Thriller season, and are looking to get your feet wet and be thoroughly entertained. Mindgame runs from 16th – 20th August.

Find out more and book your tickets online or alternatively visit the Theatre Royal Box Office.