A hot sticky night in Nottingham and a chance to watch a high drama Circus performance. I was not looking forward to sitting in the audience on the hottest day of the year crammed into the seats to watch jugglers. Thank you to the Theatre Royal, it was lovely and cool and the lights were dimmed with an impressive globe on the stage. My young daughter accompanied me and was looking forward to the show. She sat reading her giant programme and warned me who was going to be in the performance.

The audience seemed very subdued and quiet, it was a full theatre with a few other children dotted around. The show began with the Timbuktu tumblers who impressed us with jumping, somersaults, flying through hoops and doing the limbo under fire. The circus kept a good flow of performers ranging from acrobats, dancers and daredevils. I thought the cool temperature would last, but as the thrills continued I began to get too hot watching and worrying about the performers as they did their act. My daughter was able to tell me when it was safe to look. I particularly winced at the knife throwers and the ‘Globe of Death’ motorcycle team.

We really enjoyed the music and the costumes, it really suited the show without being too over the top. The costumes were old style circus wear, a mix between old and new with the neon lights and industrial cages and Robots. A slapstick routine by the Mustache Brothers gave everyone a little relief, my daughter just stared at them? I asked if she liked them because she wasn’t laughing. “Mum, I love them,they are so funny.” I think that she was just not used to seeing slapstick routines. She chatted about them all the way home.

I am happy that I took my youngest, I wasn’t sure she would like it or if it would be scary for her. This is a show for both Adults and children of all ages, it was a real thrill to go and I will certainly be booking again. A great night in the city, a great range of shows are appearing at the Theatre Royal Nottingham and I am looking forward to a good variety of options in the future.

Good points – Great atmosphere, thrilling acts. Great costumes and music.

Bad points – A few acts were a little unpolished which didn’t give comfortable viewings

Set 9/10
Performance 9/10