A group of friends get more then what they bargained for in this scary gore fest in a remote cabin that happens to be in the woods.
A Scooby doo gang have a different kind of adventure but this time they won’t be unmasking any villains , the story starts with five friends spending time in a cabin in the woods but it was their actions that would control their fate.

Of course it has the dumb blonde that whoops her baps out and they jock that is more of a laugh then any kind of help , and yep you guessed it the stoner druggy to make up the numbers.

The film pans out kind of like the film Stay Alive where for their fear was others entertainment.

Liongate once again put out all the stops with the bloodshed and gore but it places the film was too dark to see what was going on but what you could make out was the powers that be are hell bent on killing everyone that they needed to in order to please their onlookers, so if your screamish and not one for a bit of blood then this one isn’t for you , but if like me you like all that kind of stuff then you must go see it.

Yes there where far fetched moments and parts of the film that if you was at home you would be shouting ‘don’t go in there’ , but my favorite part of the film was nearer the end , just look out for the ding …. you have been warned.


DING!!! | Franchise Potential | Great Baddies | Scary | Interesting Story | Nice Little Twist | Does’nt Always Follow Conventional Route | Great Last 30 Minutes



Weak First 40 Minutes | Same Old Same Old Characters | Wish The Other Stories Were Fleshed Out