The glitz and glamour of Cabaret comes to Nottingham much to the delight of the packed house at the Theatre Royal Nottingham.

Sexy and Sassy are the first things that spring to mind when thinking back about last nights performance, and that was thanks to an incredible cast lead by outstanding John Partridge who played the role of Emcee.

The story starts off in 1931 Berlin at the stroke of midnight on new years eve, Cliff Bradshaw (Played by Charles Hagerty) has just arrived, an aspiring writing from America. Cliff soon finds himself being bedazzled over Sally Bowles (Played by Kara Lily Hayworth), who is an English cabaret performer who just happens to be performing at an infamous club known as the Kit Kat Klub, the party doesn’t seem to stop and Cliff tends to enjoy spending pretty much every night at the club and being in the company of Sally.

I’ve never seen Cabaret before nor have I seen the 1972 movie of the same name so, I was going in blind to this one and I normally feel this is the best way to get a true experience.

Hidden behind all the make-up and sparkling lights there were a number of different love stories taking place plus powerful vocal performances from every member of the cast.

I seemed to have a mixture of emotions from the get go and throughout the whole performance, with laughter, excitement and sadness this is one roller coaster of a ride that you don’t want to get off. My eyes were working overtime just looking at the dancers performing great dance routines and my eyes had the joy of amazing music and vocals, I can see why so many people just keep coming back to see Cabaret.

I must say the the setting and stage design really made you feel like you were in the back in the 1930 nightlife scene of Berlin, with seamless changes from scene to scene by the staff and cast making this magic happen in front of our very eyes. Not to mention the lighting and sound team who put on a show, this production pretty much had everything.

The music accompaniment of a live band gave it a touch of class with every music number performed live, as previously mentioned strong vocal performances with a live band to give it the icing on the cake.

I don’t really want to talk too much about the story elements because it is something you must see and witness and immerse yourself.

Outstanding choreography, the cast danced their hearts out throughout the performance, I didn’t notice a missed step during any of the dance routines, with big lifts and high kicks with a spoonful of razzle dazzle.

Speaking about the cast each and everyone of them gave it their all but I will talk about some of the highlights in my opinion, first and foremost we have John Partridge.

If John Partridge has been booked you know full well you’re in for a treat and an stellar performance and he didn’t disappoint. Singing and speaking German and getting the crowd entertained in more ways then one. Getting into character no one in my opinion performed better, but they were close as everyone was fantastic.

Kara Lily Hayworth, silence the packed out theatre, with the iconic songs performed perfectly, looking around at people they eyes widened as they witnessed such grace performing before their very eyes, but that wasn’t all she also gave great dance routines as well. During the interval praise couldn’t be said enough for how Kara Lily performed.

Anita Harris (Played the role of Fraulein Schnelder), the name alone will sell tickets and put people on seats, Anita looked stunning and sounded incredible too, ‘So, What?’ was one of the highlights of the show for me. How Anita moved around the stage with so much grace it was lovely to see a well re-guarded performer being part of this fantastic production.

Charles Hagerty (Who played the role of Cliff Bradshaw), returns to the cast of Cabaret. I couldn’t fault his performance from start to finish and the crowd also seemed to warm to him.

I can’t stress this enough that all the cast put on an outstanding performance even if I haven’t mentioned them, you will not be disappointing when buying your ticket to see Cabaret, it has a bit of everything and a bit more.

I’m glad I went to see it and if you would like to know more and see if for yourself you can find details here –

Life is a cabaret and this is something you must see and experience in your lifetime.