Written by Truman Capote and made iconic on screen by the legendary Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s has been brought to the stage by Richard Greenberg.

Set in 1940’s New York, Holly Golightly (played by the beautiful Emily Atack) is a good-time girl who cares little for anyone other than herself, partying her way around Manhattan. Men adore her, women are crazy jealous of her. But is there more to Holly’s sparkling personality than meets the eye?

Emily Atack as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Credit Sean Ebsworth Barnes (4)Holly meets Paul (Matt Barber) who she nicknames ‘Fred’ after her darling brother, the pair become close with him falling deeper and deeper for her. Holly doesn’t let people get too close to her though.

Emily has a stunning singing voice which was showcased in her solo’s such as ‘Moon River’, soulful and beautiful.

The performances by all of the cast were outstanding, each one playing their character perfectly throughout.

The set was a little distracting, I don’t think I was the only one that thought so. Backdrops lowering slowly into the background whilst the scene was on, seeing the next lot of scenery sticking out of the wings a little – it pulled my attention away from the task in hand.

It’s difficult for me to say whether the play has adapted well from screen to stage as I have not seen the film (it’s on my to do list, honest!). I did feel there was a lot crammed in to the show and I think the ending was slightly different on stage than the screen, so it will be interesting to now watch the film – I never do things the right way round.

It’s one of those productions you should go and see, just so you can say you have seen it.

Performance 8/10
Set 6/10
Story 7/10


Review : Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Theatre Royal Nottingham 10/05/16

Photo Credit : Sean Ebsworth Barnes