Blood Brothers returns to the stage at the Theatre Royal Nottingham, having seen this show last year & not being sure what to expect as this wasn’t a musical I would of generally chosen to see but I absolutely loved it, I thought the second time around would not compare to the first but how wrong was I.

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Two brothers torn apart shortly after birth by their mother who was unable to afford the upkeep of both of her twin sons, she reluctantly gave one away to her employer who was struggling to have children of her own, unaware of the dreadful future events that would occur.

Blood Brothers really sets the scene of the 1960’s Liverpool, keeping the look and feel of the previous tours, it was hard to believe the same actor was playing Mickey (Sean Jones) from a scruffy 7 (nearly 8 year old) to a very depressed man in later life, was a superb performance & transformation from comedy to serious drama acting.

Scenes between Mickey & Eddie (Joel Benedict) in the first half of the show brought full laughter from the audience & you almost forgot the emotional ending that is still to come. Joel Benedict playing the role perfectly of a wealthy posh young boy wanting to make friends on the ‘other’ side of the estate therefore seeing him & mickey who are from totally opposite backgrounds becoming ‘blood brothers’.

A mention also has to go Peter Washington playing the role of Mickeys older brother Sammy perfectly and also bringing lots of humour to the first half of the show.

Could not find fault with the acting or the vocals, previously I found the songs quite repetitive but found myself enjoying them more this time around especially the impressive & at times airy performance from The Narrator (Kristofer Harding). Song lines such as ‘Devils Got Your Number’, is one which you can’t get out of your head on the way home and for days to come.

The musical by be called Blood Brothers, but a special mention has to be said to Paula Tappenden (Mrs Lyons) , as an audience member you could feel the desperation and fear of her losing the son she never really had playing the part perfectly.

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Danielle Corlass (Linda) also impressed starting out as a Mickey’s happy cheeky little school friend, up until her later struggles with adult life and trying to keep her marriage & family together taking its toll.

I can safely say both Paula and Danielle’s performances where outstanding throughout, it is hard to single out one outstanding cast member as all stood out in there own right but Sean Jones & Lyn Paul really stole the show for me.

This production really does have a bit of everything, lots of fun & laughter in the first half to the suspense & drama into the second half setting up a powerful & emotional end to the show with the finale song tell me it’s not true by all the cast members which you could see they put everything into especially Lyn Paul as Mrs Johnstone which ended in a very well deserved standing ovation & tissues were also at the ready in the sold out Theatre Royal Nottingham audience.

If you want to see a show that has a bit of everything, laughter, suspense, drama and emotion then this is a must see!!

Review by Karen Jackson

One thought on “Review : Blood Brothers – Theatre Royal, Nottingham

  1. Lyn Paul is the definitive Mrs Johnstone, and quite simply the very best.
    I wish we could get an official recording of Blood Brothers starring LYN PAUL.
    Start the campaign NOW!!!
    Phil Hughes University of Nottingham Graduate,
    remembering Lyn Paul at the Theatre Royal with Mike Yarwood around 1980.

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