The story is based on the Johnston twins, brothers Mickey and Eddie who were separated at birth as the mother was unable to provide for both newborns she was forced to give one away.

This deed was done by swearing upon a bible with her upper class boss known as Mrs Lyons who was unable to have children of her own, while her husband was away with only days before his return she wanted to make out that this child was theirs.

Mrs Lyons also promised Mrs Johnston that she would be able to see her child she gave away as much as she liked because Mrs Johnston was the house cleaner, this sweetened the deal for Mrs Johnston but she wasn’t allowed to speak the truth and she knew that her little boy would be brought up well and would have everything and anything he ever needed if he was to be cared for by the rich and wealthy Mrs Lyons.

Now growing older, Mickey was out playing in the streets by those big houses in the neighbourhood where his mother told him he shouldn’t play. A young boy appeared and greeted Mickey who was shocked at first but then later acted to be a tough kid by taking his sweets, only only to be offered the whole bag sweets by the boy. Mickey found this strange, as he grew up in a estate where you couldn’t be nice, and you had act big in front of the rest of the kids to be anyone, this was far different from this other boy, this was different to Edward.

The boy had seen Mickey playing by his house and wanted a best friend, Mickey asked the boy for his name and he replied Edward is my name in a well spoken manner. Mickey and Edward became best of friends as well as hanging around Mickey’s other friends and family. Mickey asked Edward what was his birthday Edward replied with the same day as Mickey’s. This then made Micky wanting to be more then friends with Edward and he suggested they became Blood Brothers, which meant they would stand by each other forever and look after one and other, spending more time together as their friendship grew.
With the story being narrated by Warwick Evans, who has also been in the Phantom of the Opera, this meant that Blood Brothers has its story told in a chilling and very dramatic way. Mickey (Sean Jones) character was played with so much energy that it made me think he could of made a great leading role for the soon to be touring One Man , Two Govnors. Each and every piece of music and sounds was performed wonderfully and I am still singing ‘Shoes Upon the Table’ while I am writing this.  Maureen Nolan who played Mrs Johnston has a powerful performance, and she couldn’t control her tears at the end and had to come out for a third bow, after composing herself to wipe away the tears. As I looked around the sold out Theatre Royal Nottingham it wasn’t just her that was brought to tears by her powerful and emotional performance.

Blood Brothers is up there with one of the best shows I have ever seen, and for me not knowing anything about the story or the Musical side of it I would say if Blood Brothers is touring your city you must go and see it as you wont be disappointed. It really didn’t feel like a three hour show because from start to finish I was entertained and glued to my seat. There were a few funny moments from the rest of the cast aswell, as many of those played more then one character in this story, so it meant they made a few little in jokes with the audience. Also, another little treat, keep a eye out for the doctor.

I couldn’t find any faults from this show not even one and that’s saying something from me because there is normally something that I can point out to let it down but in Blood Brothers there really wasn’t.

Emotionally Amazing!!


Pros – Emotionally Amazing | Gripping Story | Great Characters | Time Flew By | Great Theatre Production

Cons – None