Forget Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, add a bit of stealth to the game! Good Catch created Black and White Bushido back in 2015 as a stealthy brawler and its actually quite fun! Up to 4 players can take part in each battle that can put friendships at risk as you rack up more kills to win!

There are 3 different game modes, deathmatch, capture the flag and training. Pretty explanatory in the names but training can be helpful to get you started playing. Training mode will also give you some optional tasks to do whilst playing to help you fine tune your moves.

The controls are very simple, each button has one action so its easy to get used to once you’ve learned them. Obviously on the go with the switch, you can always have a second player ready to fight as you can use the separate joy-cons for individual players.

I feel they have missed a few good opportunities with this game, the three game modes, while fun, can get boring after extended play so a few more different game modes would help in longevity. Online play would also be great for a game like this if you’re a solo player, as the bots can be quite easy when you’ve mastered the controls.
For a tenner, you really cant go wrong with this game. It’ll offer good competitive fun with friends or for solo players, a game that can be picked up and played without any fuss of loading screens and quick menus. If you are looking for a game to keep you entertained for hours, this probably isn’t the game for you.

+Simple controls
+Easy to pick up and play
+Training mode

-No online mode
-Could do with a few more modes to play -Not a game for extended playing times