Ben McKelvey is an up and coming singer/songwriter who has recently toured with The Overtones for their “Christmas with the Overtones” tour.
I went to see him (and The Overtones), on the last date of their tour in Nottingham.
Coming on as the support act for The Overtones must have been a daunting prospect, he has to warm up the die hard Overtonettes who are waiting to see their idols. He did a fantastic job.
With a look of early Ed Sheeran and a style of music reminiscent of The Levellers (remember them?!), he had the auditorium toe tapping to his catchy tunes, none of which were cover songs. His sidekick Marc tapped out the beat with an unusual drum box, which I have never seen but now want one, as Ben strummed his guitar expertly and sang such hits as “Morning I’m Gone” and “Only Here Once”.

His funny chats with the audience had us laughing – especially when he got the age of his friend’s child wrong (“she’s four!!!”), sort Ben I’m sure you wanted to forget that moment – and dedicating one of his songs to the birthday people in the audience.
His tales of life on tour with The Overtones and the whole crew made you smile, sounds like life on the road can be a giggle.
Ben’s debut album Life and Love in England is available now on iTunes. He may have sold himself as a support or warm up for an established group but Ben will definitely be selling his music to the masses and will have a support act of his own – then I can say I saw him in the early days!
Go on, have a listen – bet your feet won’t keep still.
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