If you’re easily offended you may want to look away now, as the rudest musical with Muppet-Style characters you’ll ever see is in town! If you’re ready for lot’s of laughs and not to take anything too seriously then you’ll have a great time!

Avenue Q rides into town they may look cute and fuzzy but they are far from it, well some of them anyway. I was never a fan of Sesame Street and pretty much anything with puppets growing up, I was more of a cartoon and animation kinda guy however as I’ve got older I like films like ‘Ted’ and ‘Happy Time Murders’ so I went into this with the mind set it will be more along the lines of that.

I wasn’t rude, any rude and outlandish joke or act they could pull off they pretty much did, the audience really seemed to enjoy themselves in not so many words, there was a couple of stories and side stories taking place and there were funny bits and jokes along the way.

The design of the puppets was quite good as well, which was easy on the eye as well as they were too outlandish, they let their talking do that. They looked similar to other famous puppets with nods to popular children shows this was the only kid friendly part of the show, even with the screens showing little cartoons these were aimed for the older audience.

Theatre Royal was packed and everyone had a great time, the live band were on top form but were often louder than the actors on stage as at times they had to speak in a softer tone and often speaking as more than one character at once but that’s to be expected with a live band/orchestra.

The lighting and stage design was good as could be expected for a musical which has done the rounds a bit, there was also a wide selection of musical numbers which were enjoyable my favorite was ‘There’s A Fine, Fine Line’ which was performed by Cecily Redman (Who operated the roles of Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut).

The main cast put a lot of energy into their performance, with operating the puppets and giving as much facial expressions as you would expect, Lawrence Smith (Who operated the roles of Priceton / Rod), was the lead role and I felt put his all into it (Excuse me).

All in all I felt like the audience enjoyed the story that it was trying to achieve or just the general naughtiness with the characters finding their purpose, I’ve wanted to go and see this performance for some time but I’ve never got round to doing so, I’m glad I did – I had a little laugh as I always hear rave reviews about it, plus getting out to the theatre is always a nice thing to do but sadly, this was isn’t my cup of tea.

If you like something a little different and a bit risky then you should get yourself a ticket to see Avenue Q – its naughty and nice and you might enjoy it.

Venue: Theatre Royal

Running time: Act 1 : 1 hour 10 mins, Interval: 15 mins, Act 2: 45 mins

You can book your tickets and find further information here – https://trch.co.uk/whats-on/avenue-q/