This is a blast from the past and a time in history that I missed or wasn’t a part of when growing up. I was always an Amstrad CPC 464 or a Sega Master System kind of guy however, I always knew of Atari and have since played through a vast amount of their games.

This was a perfect opportunity for me to see what all the fuss was about and at the great price of £29.99, I get to experience them for the first time or relive them in the comfort of my own home on my HD TV.

I purchased this from the Argos clearance sale, this was originally priced at £80 and its been sliced down to £29.99, I did previously own an older Atari Flashback model but when I plugged this into my TV the menus were awful and it just didn’t look right so before even testing any of the games I took it back and got a full review, so this is really the first time playing on a Atari Flashback system.

Straight out the bat the box itself looks nice in gold, with a really nice design showing the console and a collection of game cases as well as promoting the fact it is the 40th Anniversary version, on the back of the box shows even more games all nicely presented and the box itself just looks eye catching and engaging.

In the box greeted with a poster and two controllers, power adapter and HDMI cable and the console itself, both wireless and the one player controller has additional menu and selection buttons than the player two controller.

The console itself is lightweight making it great to take away with you on an holiday or just I would do at gaming events and expos to attend, having the HDMI port on the side of the console rather that the back doesn’t make that much of a difference to me.

The controller feel strong and durable and look like that can take a pounding, unlike The C64Mini controllers which have been found to break quite easily.

That’s enough about the contents of the box, now lets talk about the console once powered up – the first thing you see is the AtGames logo, before anyone says anything or is put off right away this console is better than other AtGames consoles such as the Mega Drive attempts, in my opinion.

Take a look at our unboxing and playtest video

The console boots up into a nice looking main menu, already better than the previous flashback console I saw and it states in HD, there is a HD logo sat in the corner of the menu the whole time, the same as the front of the box. Navigating through the menu is find, it could made better use of the buttons.

On the left hand side of the menu shows a couple of sub headings such as favorites , recently played, Atari Games and Activision Games, navigating through these could of been easier.

Scrolling through the games is also find and looks very much like the more recent Atari Classics releases which appear on more recent consoles like Xbox One / PS4 etc, its great to experience these games for the first time or revisiting them after so long.

All in all this is very good for the price, I wouldn’t pay anymore for it because these games look better on an updated console due to online play and the extra content which is included in those and missing from this console.

The Pros and Cons of the Atari Flashback 8 Gold HD:


  • Light Weight
  • Controllers seemed durable
  • Massive collection of games
  • Nice Menu Display
  • Plug n Play HD Version
  • Sale Price


  • Some big games missing (Pac-Man appears on the menu wallpaper but missing from the game list)
  • No option for side art
  • No real options for tweaks
  • Menu Section controls could of been configured better
  • HDMI port on the side of the console and not the back
  • No SD port like other Atari and Flashback models

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