Not being an artist per sé I was wondering if I would “get” Art. From what I knew of it, it was a satirical comedy about the world of art and art appreciation. But I love theatre, so of course I was happy to go and see it.

With a small cast of 3 well known actors of stage and screen, Nigel Havers (Serge), Denis Lawson (Marc) and Stephen Tompkinson (Yvan) Art tells the story of 3 friends and their mutual appreciation of art…but not always each other. Serge buys a piece of art for a ridiculous amount of money, which lead the others to think he has lost the plot. Marc ridicules Serge and downtrodden Yvan tries to keep the peace but of course finds himself facing home truths he may not like to hear…in fact they all do.

True friendship always finds a way though and they all make it up, but do they mean it? What the others don’t know won’t hurt them right?

If you are a bit sensitive to language you may want your ear plugs as there is quite a lot of swearing involved, some funny but some also a bit blunt! And if you enjoy your interval you will be disappointed as this play goes straight through without a break, it is only about an hour and a half though and goes so quickly you don’t mind.

The set is very simple and minimalistic, with just a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it change between each man’s abode. Even though there are only 3 characters, the writing is so good, if you were to add more people it would just make it too complicated. And of course the three chosen actors play it so well, you don’t need anyone else on stage.

Good fun to watch, reminiscent of the comedies I watched on tv in the good old days (the 90’s).

Story 7/10
Performance 9/10
Set 8/10