Classic thriller season is back at the Theatre Royal for the summer…and what a show to start with!
Arsenic and Old Lace, in classic movie form, is a firm favourite in the Eyre family, so I was really looking forward to seeing this version on stage.
imageIt tells the story of the Brewster family, eccentric aunts Abbie and Martha Brewster (Susan Earnshaw and Karen Henson) live in the old family home with their crazy nephew, Teddy (Michael Sherwin)- who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt…chaaarrggee!! Slightly more normal nephew, Mortimer (Richard Ede), regularly visits his dear old aunts and it’s clear the doddery old ladies dote on their nephews.
During one visit, Mortimer uncovers the deep dark deadly secret his innocent looking aunts have been hiding from the world.

An unwelcome visitor in the shape of third nephew, creepy Boris Karloff lookalike Jonathan (Andrew Ryan), and his sidekick Dr Einstein – “the other one” – played by Andrew Fettes. Cue much dark humour and suitable creepiness as the drama unfolds in the Brewster household.
The cast did a brilliant job with this classic thriller, the Brewster sisters were particularly acted out superbly and a great double act to watch. Richard Ede did so well playing the suave role of Mortimer made famous by Cary Grant.
imageThe villains were suitably scary and as unlikeable as they should be, they did raise a few giggles with sometimes just a well timed raised eyebrow or look at the audience.
A brilliant black comedy opener for the Classic thriller season this year, looking forward to seeing the rest!
Next week it is House Guest (2nd-6th August) tickets still available for Arsenic and Old Lace up until 30th July.

Production Photo Credit : Simon Cooper