It’s August which usually means Classic Thriller Season at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal and this year is no exception – 4 weeks and 4 different thrillers, week 3 and here I am for Anybody For Murder, by Brian Clemens and Dennis Spooner and my first ever visit to thriller season

I quickly discovered this one was a comedy thriller – a farce – so I was interested to see how this would go cue a very bright set design of a holiday villa on a tiny, remote Greek island in the 1990s.

Without giving too much of the plot away, we first meet Max Harrington (John Goodrum) who is plotting to kill his wife Janet for her inheritance so he can live happily ever after with lover Suzy Stevens (Anna Mitcham), along comes distant cousin Mary Ticklewell and her husband George (David Gilbrook) with news of a larger inheritance for Janet what follows is a plot of twists and turns of whose going to be murdered and whodunit

Also thrown into the mix is neighbour Edgar Chambers – played by David Martin – constantly drunk day and night and writing a book about murder which allowed for some good old British comedy moments stand out performer for me was Susan Earnshaw as the hilarious Mary – great character and comedic timing Karen Henson was also funny as Janet and although not in the play as much as the others she made her presence known.

The small cast of 6 team up well and it’s clear they have worked together before slow burner but with a lot more laughs to be had in the 2nd half – who’d have thought goats could be so dangerous?!

It was clear the audience enjoyed themselves as lots of laughter could be heard a pleasant way to spend a summer evening even though Murder was on the menu.
Catch the thriller season now – Anybody For Murder until 17th August and Dangerous Obsession 20-24 August Theatre Royal, Nottingham