Before Another? officially opened its doors to the public on 27th October I had the privilege to attend their preview night with my good friend Jen.
Nottingham has its fair share of bars, pubs and restaurants so I was intrigued to find out what would make Another? stand out from being just “another” bar. I had many questions to answer like how does a self-serve wine bar work? Will it suit all budgets or is this just for special occasions? Will I need to dress up or can I wear jeans (important question!)

What can I say other than we had a fabulous evening. We were greeted with a smile and shown to a table with water and nibbles delivered shortly after. When we were ready we were given an explanation on how the self-serve machines work (simple and easy) and were then able to take our time selecting the wine of our choice. The staff were on hand to assist with any questions and were well informed on the wines available.

The relaxed and chilled out vibe of Another? makes this an easy place to spend 3-4 hours catching up with old friends, first dates or unwinding after a hard day.
If you like a nice glass of wine this is the place to be (they don’t serve anything else) and they cater for all budgets from £3 for a small glass to splashing out on the finer wines at over £10 per glass – or sample them all from 60p – £1.50 a shot.

You will find all the types you know from Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio to Merlot and Malbec with some White Zinfandel thrown in too but you won’t necessarily have heard of the makers. You will also stumble across some you may not have heard of – I gave those a try and was not disappointed.
Absolutely add this bar to your “to do” list but if you are thinking of adding this to your pub crawl – don’t. Whilst you could pop along for 15-20mins for a quick glass before moving on you won’t want to leave (and besides there are too many stairs to negotiate for a quick drink.)

What we enjoyed: lovely décor, quaint, chilled out vibe, relaxing, no rush, no pushing to the front of the bar hoping to get served, simple and easy, friendly informed staff.

Room for improvement: mind the step sign to the toilets, not sure if there was a smoking area or if you would need to settle the bill first, not lift for those not good with stairs, option of a pre-paid card would be good.
Can’t wait to go back and try the sparkling red (yes really – who knew?) Oh and the dress code? Be yourself J