Thursday 26th April and my work colleagues were finding the unpredictable British weather highly amusing knowing that I was scheduled to be sat outside from 4.30pm. Thankfully luck was on my side and as I left work (and the stormy skies) behind I met my friend Jen and we made our way to Another? Wine Bar.

After reviewing the initial opening of Another? last October I was feeling very privileged to be invited back to experience their new sun terrace seating area combined with Champagne tasting.

To set the scene, as you ascend the stairs to Another? you turn right just as you look at the selection of wines, walk through the delightful little seating area out the door and down the stairs to the hidden gem – a wonderfully set out walled in seating area.

There are 3 long wooden tables with benches and 4 large barrels that have been modified into tables with chairs and sturdy parasols.

Jen and I opted for the barrel – good move – as we spent the early evening basking in the glorious sunshine, right next to the fridge of Champagne and with a clear view of the lovely surroundings and blossoming flowers.

On to the Champagne tasting; owner Sam Benjamin welcomed us and introduced us to Arthur Camut, Brand Ambassador for Palmer & Co. who took us on a journey into the fascinating world of Champagne. My favourite of the evening was Blanc de Noir – yes from a red grape and Jen’s was definitely Rose Reserve. The final glass was the exquisite Amazone de Palmer.

5 delicious glasses of unique bubbles to tempt any taste bud – a real treat and a fantastic experience – one I’m sure many would gladly pay for.

A few suggestions – need blinds on the toilets now that you pass the large window on your way down to the garden area and a few outdoor heaters may help to keep guests outside late into the evening.

All in all a very relaxed evening in a wonderful surrounding – I expect this will become a firm favourite once the warmer nights finally stick around for longer than a day.